{This is Life} Why your big sister is the best gift your parents gave you

As the oldest of five I can categorically say I am by far the best big sister in the world. I took a survey, and by survey I mean I just made it up (and maybe, threatened to pumble my brother and sisters if they didn’t agree).

Having said that, in case you were wondering what a brilliant gift your parents gave to you when they gave you a big sister, Elite Daily has put together a brilliant list.


20 reasons why your big sister is the best gift your parents gave you is an awesome list that make you want to hug your sisters just a little bit tighter.

Happy reading Nesters x

{The Nest Design Files} O, the places we have been..

This is such a simple, yet beautiful way to display how you have spent your lives together.

What I love most is that it isn’t necessarily just for a couple, it could be best friends, cousins or families.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Happy crafting Nesters!