{This is Life} Why the F&%K not?

Are you living your life? Not surviving life, but really actually living it?

This article on Taking Risks, Why the F&*k Not? really resonated with us.

If you had no fear of failure, what would you do differently?risks

We aren’t necessary talking about your fear of spiders or snakes, but rather your fear of unknown, of unemployment, of not living a full life.

It is so easy to slip into a monotonous existence of everydayness, but maybe it is your time to stand up and start Taking Risks, Because Why the F&*k Not?

This may just be your new mantra.

Happy reading Nesters x

P.S The article does contain some rubbish bin words.

{This is Life} Why your big sister is the best gift your parents gave you

As the oldest of five I can categorically say I am by far the best big sister in the world. I took a survey, and by survey I mean I just made it up (and maybe, threatened to pumble my brother and sisters if they didn’t agree).

Having said that, in case you were wondering what a brilliant gift your parents gave to you when they gave you a big sister, Elite Daily has put together a brilliant list.


20 reasons why your big sister is the best gift your parents gave you is an awesome list that make you want to hug your sisters just a little bit tighter.

Happy reading Nesters x