| CHRISTMAS PRIZEAPOLOOZA 2019 | Plastic Cactus is a holidays must

One of the best local businesses I have learnt about since starting this blog is the gorgeous Michelle McRobert and her Plastic Cactus earring shop. 

Michelle operates Plastic Cactus  with a rotating group of loyal friends/shop girls (who get paid in earrings) Mel, Lindy, Trudie, Claudia, Ruby & Piper. Plus, her awesome delivery guy/husband Matt.

Plastic Cactus  offers acrylic & bamboo earrings (Dangles & Studs), brooches, hair clips and necklaces.

The thing that sets Plastic Cactus apart is just how passionate the team are about funky, colourful and affordable earrings & jewellery. Michelle is not afraid of colour and loves creating unique and fun earrings that either have the ‘Wow’ or they ‘Awwww, aren’t they cute’ factor.

Plastic Cactus also offers statement dangles that you could wear to a Ball, a formal or a graduation. You could wear them to the horse races, a Christmas party, a Halloween party, 80’s dress-up, a ladies lunch or even your very own wedding.

In case you’re not that brave she also offers a range of simple shapes for a little pop of colour for your work uniform. Plastic Cactus also offers small simple shapes that are suitable for the school kid in your life.

The range of tiny studs is crazy! Everything from unicorns, Bulldogs seahorses, lightning bolts, Pugs, Cats, Butterflies, Horses, Penguins, Frogs, Turtles, Sausage dogs, Wombats, Clouds, Skulls, Kangaroos, Ghosts, Bats, Poodles…. In every colour imaginable!

If you haven’t bought your end of year gift yet Plastic Cactus  are a great choice for the School teachers. Imagine the students each day looking forward to seeing what they wear to school each day!

One of the coolest new things I am crushing on from Plastic Cactus are the brooches. They come in all shapes & colours

The best thing about Plastic Cactus is just how friendly Michelle and the team are, you don’t just get earrings but also make new friends!

Plastic Cactus  are the queens of collabs and have a ‘Smith & Jones’ range and a cool collab with Abby Smith who has a Vintage Clothing online shop called ‘A Puppy & Her’. Plastic Cactus  designed a range of earrings inspired by her & her collection of amazing Vintage clothing.

You can find Plastic Cactus  locally at Dejorja Boutique, Al Dente, Bathurst Regional Gallery and Australian Fossil & Mineral Museum. Otherwise order through her socials or email! Easy!

If you want some help filling your Christmas stockings get in contact with Plastic Cactus today!

| Phone: 0439 318 990 |

| Email: shellmac31@hotmail.com |

|Facebook: @PlasticCactus |

| Instagram: @plastic_cactus| 


Plastic Cactus  is spreading the Christmas cheer far and wide this year and is offering one very lucky nester a prize pack valued at $160!

The prize includes: Jumbo Dots, Classic Cactus Studs, Gold Crown Studs, Mirrored Sugar Skull Studs, Pale yellow ‘Petal top’ Dangles. Bamboo ‘Owl’ studs (Dejorja Boutique exclusive) Two Tribes Dangles (Bathurst Regional Gallery exclusive) Pop Pink Dinosaur studs (Australian Fossil & Mineral Museum exclusive) Etched Acrylic Lolly Studs (Al Dente exclusive) and Plastic Cactus + A Puppy & Her collaboration ‘Unicorn Breath Disc Dangles’

To be in the running all you have to do is be a ‘liker’ of 
Plastic Cactus as well as The Central Nest’s facebook page and like the ORIGINAL competition post on our facebook page.

Remember to ‘tag’ a friend and ‘share’ the post for an additional entry.

Winner will be drawn 5pm (AEST) Thursday 19 December 2019.

To see the full terms and conditions go here -> The Central Nest Christmas Prizeapolooza 2019 terms and conditions.


{Christmas Prizeapolooza 2017} The gift of Plastic Cactus

I LOVE this business. Like love, love, love – scream it from the the top of the roof love. It’s fun. It’s fresh and it’s a business run by a hard working mama! 23667476_10208059167436333_542289257_n

Plastic Cactus is a one of a kind jewellery shop operated from Bathurst by the very talented Michelle McRobert. Selling acrylic and wooden jewellery with everything from necklaces to earrings to brooches Plastic Cactus is the easiest way to add a POP of colour to your day!

Plastic Cactus’ pieces are crafted with love, fun and a little smidge of quirkiness! 23634742_10208059167516335_1104169832_n

The earrings from Plastic Cactus are the easiest way to add a bit of flair to your day.

Make sure you add Plastic Cactus to the list of local loves because I am telling you that you have just found the perfect birthday/anniversary/happy Tuesday/Kris Kringle/Teacher appreciation presents for the rest of your life! Job done (you’re welcome!)23698555_10208059167316330_461846725_o

If you need a little more prettiness if your life get in contact with Plastic Cactus today:

| Phone: 0439 918 990 |

| Visit: 106 Brilliant Street, Bathurst |

| Email: shellmac31@hotmail.com |

| Facebook: @MichellePlastic Cactus

|Instagram: @plastic_cactus |


Plastic Cactus is giving one VERY lucky nester a prize pack! I want this one for myself!!!!! prize.jpg

To be in the running all you have to do is be a ‘liker’ of  Plastic Cactus as well as The Central Nest’s facebook pages and like the ORIGINAL competition post on our facebook page.

Remember to ‘tag’ a friend and ‘share’ the post for an additional entry.

Winner will be drawn 5pm (AEST) Wednesday 20 December 2017.

To see the full terms and conditions go here -> Christmas Prizeapolooza 2017 Rules