{The Nest DIY} Guess who you can do!

Shut. The. Back. Door.

This is awesome and you have no excuse not to bust out the DIY this weekend and make this bad boy!diy-guess-who-board-game-almost-makes-perfect1

Hello, it’s DIY Guess Who. I kid you not!

The site shows you exactly what you need to make your very own version. Make sure you add Uncle Frankie, the crazy drunk and cousin Susie who smells funky.

You are so welcome Nesters.

{DIY Nesting} Could there be a prettier way to display your pretties?

I LOVE jewellery, but storing it can be a real pain in the neck(lace).

This fantastic idea from Emily Henderson allows you to channel your inner DIY goddess (I know she is lurking in there somewhere..) and create something pretty, practical and precious.

These gorgeous jewellery blocks are a fabulous way to store all your pretties in one location, on display and easily to access.

You will only need a few bits and pieces and you will be on your way. jewellery blocks

Happy crafting Nesters!


{Do This} Wrap some watermelon around it..

There are two types of present-giver people in the world (according to my completely fabricated and unsupported scientific survey).

The first being, the smack-a-tenner-in-an-envelope-and-write-their-name-in-lipstick-because-you-can’t-find-a-pen-in-the-bottom-of-your-handbag type of person and secondly the Martha-Stewart-planned-for-months-and-wrapped-beautifully-even-know-where-the-reciept-is-in-case-they-need-to-exchange type of giver.

While embarrassingly I more often fall towards the first option I strive for more Martha Stewart type moments.

Here is a simple(ish) way to make your own wrapping paper. Cute right!?watermelonpaper7

You could even get the little-birdies involved.

You can find the full how-to here -> Watermelon Wrapping Paper

Admittedly, it is a nice touch to put that little bit more effort in.. Maybe keep it in mind for a rainy school holidays day?

Let us know how you go!


{The Nest DIY} What better way to say Happy Easter than with ridiculously large paper ears on your loved ones?

So, unless you were born with particularly large ears you may be feeling a little left out this time of year, but rest assured, The Central Nest has got your back (or.. actually ears).

Check out this completely easy, completely cool way to make bunny ears for all the peeps in your life.

Buzzmills have put together an awesome how-to tutorial on how to make Paper Bunny Ears for everyone (even those of us who are as co-ordinated as a Labrador, on ice, wearing mittens) – trust me you can’t stuff this up.

bunny ears tutorial

Happy Easter Nesters!

{Make this} Leather wrapped vase

I love the idea of DIY but I am one of the least creative, ridiculously uncoordinated people who have ever stomped across the planet. creature confrots leather

So when I find a quick, easy(ish) way to decorate your home using basic supplies I get a wee bit excited. Creature Comforts Blog have put together the perfect little weekend task.

DIY Leather-wrapped Vases and Votive Holders.

They are pretty. Delightful. Do-able.

You can find the full instructions over with the brilliant, clever people at Creature Comforts.

pencils creature comforts

Happy making Nesters!