{Raising little people} Kids in cars – know the gamble

You all know the reasons. It will only be for a small time. A couple of short minutes.

You all know the excuses. How much faster it will be. How much less effort it will be.

But do you all know the exact gamble you are taking with your child’s life?

HOT-CARSYou can find more information here -> Kidspot – Just four minutes

Please Nesters, make the right choice.

{Recall alert} Angelcare Baby Monitor

As a parent you always try and do what is best for your baby birds which often includes using the latest in technology to monitor their safety.angelcare-300x0

If you (or someone you know) owns an ‘Angelcare baby monitor’ you need to read this article today published on Essential Baby.

It has been discovered that two babies have died as a result of strangulation caused by the cords attached to the cot monitoring system and a full recall has been ordered.

You can read more here -> ‘Angelcare monitor recall’

Please be safe Nesters x