| Shout out | I see you.

Today’s advice: I can see those of you who unliked The Central Nest the day after the Christmas giveaway was drawn. So probably don’t bother to join again just in time for next year’s comp.. #justsayin

EDIT: The Christmas Prizeapolooza is a giveaway designed to say thanks to all those who support the blog all year round. Having said that and just to clarify, it doesn’t matter if you only found us and ‘liked’ us the day before the comp that’s fine! This is a shout out to those who choose to only like us for competition times.

The only reason the Prizeapolooza is growing so much every year is because all the local businesses can see what a great little community the Nester family is. We love local, we support each other and provide a great community to have contact with others around us.

So, if you have friends that you think will benefit from the nester community invite them to join the family. 2018 is going to be a great year for us and the bigger we can grow the community the greater the 2018 Christmas Prizeapolooza will be.

Thanks to all of you who support and share the love of The Central Nest,


{Locally Found} Stop. Its fairy party time

So this year for the first time we are having an actual real-life-hire-somewhere birthday party for the kindergartner.

She has a bunch of school mates and I nearly suffocate when I think of the idea of 15 screeching 5 and 6 year old girls inhabiting my house for a few hours on a Saturday. So, I needed some options.

Catering is hard, especially in this day when loads of kids have allergies or special requirements. It is also difficult to enjoy the day while trying to keep track of other people’s kids!

So, enter Bathurst City Community Club (or the BCCC).

They offer themed parties to suit your little miss or mister and all you have to supply is the cake.


The friendly team will supply party bags, food, entertainment, drinks and games for your guests.

The totes best part though is they provide you with a host person that takes care of the little people!


I am definitely excited and will report back after we have “the best party ever” – quote from my almost 6 year old.

If you need a party location give them a call and have a chat. Tell them The Central Nest sent you!


www.bccc.com.au |

| (02) 6331 3187 |

{Be Nice Day – 22.1.14} Formally brought to you by ‘meh’ and ‘bleh’

Some days are a bit meh.. (and that is me using the full extent of my English language knowledge). You might wake up in the morning and feel meh. You drop yoghurt on the carpet and you feel bleh. You feel like none of your clothes fit (even though they did yesterday).

Then someone does something and it changes your whole day. Your whole mood. One little moment from one person lifts you.

I am hoping that we as a community can make today Wednesday 22 January 2014 a meh-bleh free day. It is the inaugural ‘Be Nice Day’

nice day2 copy

It is pretty simple if you have been thinking about sending flowers to a friend or complimenting that lady at the post office on her glasses, today is the day.

It is the time for finally purchasing that suspended coffee for someone less fortunate or donating your old toys to Vinnies. It is the day to call your old friend, to check on your neighbours or to take time out of your day to read your baby bird a third or fourth story.

Just go out of your way to be nice. It doesn’t have to be expensive (or even particularly energetic) just something little to make someone else’s day just a little bit nicer. Hopefully in return the same will happen to you.

If you want to share what you have done or what someone has done for you, please let us know. Or you can keep it a secret. Either way be proud of yourself. Today is the day you can make someone happier.

A little bit of kindness can go a long way.

Happy ‘Be Nice Day’ Nesters xx