{Girl Crush Tuesday} The hilarious Celeste

We have some pretty hard girl crushes. These are the types of ladies that stamp their style on the world. They are the type of people that will always be remembered and little girls grow up wanting to be. They are women of substance. Women that make the world a better place. Happy Girl Crush Tuesday everybody.line4Today’s girl crush is on the hilariously brilliant Celeste Barber.

Author. Comedian. Artist. Actor. Deadset Legend.

You will probably know Celeste best from her photographs that have spread across all newsfeeds recently. She is that brilliant lady who copies those completely ridiculous images of the rich people doing wanky rich people things and puts a normal person in the same context. The result are hilarious!

More than her brilliant snaps she has also made numerous appearances on Home & Away, Have You Been Paying Attention and Studio 10.

She is witty and doesn’t take herself too seriousness and we like that in a girl crush.

The ability to be brave in your own body is a powerful message and we salute you today Mrs Barber.


{The Nest Laughs} The Katering Show reviews the Thermomix

A few months ago I received a Thermomix from my very generous hubby-bird and to say I am addicted to it is an understatement.

Like if I had to choose between it and I don’t know, like one of my children I would probably hesitate. kate

The fantastic comedic duo Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan have put together the most hilarious ‘review’ of the Thermomix.

I kid you not, when I say you may wee a smidge when watching this. It is sidesplitting-probably-need-to-work-on-my-pelvic-muscles funny.

P.S If you are my infant person reading this in years to come from some therapist’s office, I am tots joking about not choosing my child over the Thermerelda. I always choose you.

{Raising Little People} Is your little birdy heading to big school this year?

Although I, myself am not staring down that barrel until 2016 I do have many friends who will be sending their little birdies to big school for the first time this year.

I stumbled across this hilarious Step by Step Guide to the First Day of School by the extraordinarily funny Em Rusciano.

It is certainly worth a read. em

Read it. Breathe it. Survive it.

Happy first day little Nesters x