{This is Life} Gender pay gaps worse in rural areas

This is something that really needs to be addressed.

Why don’t people that do the SAME job get paid the SAME?

It just doesn’t make sense and I am really struggling trying to confidently raise three daughters into a world where they are unlikely to be recognised in the same manner in the professional arena as their male cousin.

It. Just. Doesn’t. Add. Up.

This article in the Central Western Daily shows that it is even worse than that, in fact women in rural areas have an even bigger pay divide than their city counterparts. pay gap

It is unacceptable and we all have to start making changes because otherwise all the little girls will grow up thinking they aren’t as valuable and that is not okay.

Make sure you take a stand and encourage employers to treat equal work equally.

{This is life} One very selfless local is doing to her bit to help others

Giving the gift of a child to another is an amazingly selfless gift.

Local lady Laura Hannan has shared her story today in Central Western Daily and it is pretty remarkable. photo orange donor

You can find her story here -> Why One Orange Mum Donates Her Eggs

Laura is trying to raise awareness and encourage more local woman to consider donating their eggs to help others. It is pretty amazing to possess that amount of generosity.

Thank you Laura for being brave enough to give another sista a chance at a family.