{The Nest Reads} Take a trip down outback roads

You know what is awesome?

When local women do good things. Like really good, clever things.

I have always dreamed of writing a book, but here is a fantastic lady who has actually done that. Well, to be fair she has done a lot of them!

Alissa Callen is an author you need to add to your booklist.

Her books are written with the inspiration of our local area, and that makes them just a little bit more special.

You need to grab a cuppa, ignore the phone and read Alissa Callen’s Down Outback Roads TODAY. down outback roads

Alissa writes beautifully and you will escape to a world that seems a little familar because it’s rural but will take your heart places that make you smile and cry and laugh and live.

You definitely won’t regret finding this book!

Happy reading Nesters x