{Raising Little People} What it feels like to have a c-section

Sometimes your baby enters the world through your foo… other times through your guts.

It doesn’t matter as long as they (and you) are safe.

If you are getting prepared to have your baby and wonder What It Feels Like To Have A C-Section then this is for you.


Bianca Wordley has had three and in this KidSpot article she lets you know the ins-and-outs. You can find the link here -> What It Feels Like To Have A C-Section

Happy health Nesters x

{This is life} When birth turns into a fight to survive – one Mum’s story of placenta increta

Wow. This story is amazingly scary and could happen to anyone.

Placenta increta is a life-threatening condition that can affect mothers who have scar tissue, often from previous Caesarean sections.

Considering 1 in every 3 births in Australia are c-sections shouldn’t more people be made aware of this potentially fatal problem?

Head over to Kidspot and read Michelle’s story. It is beyond scary.


Just think, how many of your friends have had caesareans?