{Life Hacks} 27 diagrams that make cooking so much easier!

Some people are great cooks. Some people are, well.. me.

I have found something that will make cooking just a smidge bit nicer for you!

27 Diagrams That Make Cooking So Much Easier is something you should bookmark NOW!cook

Happy cooking Nesters x


{The Nest Loves} 25 Clever Spins On Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Happy anniversary lovers. Here’s your gift. A card. My pen didn’t work to start with so I kinda dug a hole in your crap card. It’s the thought that counts isn’t it? At least it wasn’t just a text message.

Well, if you want to up your game and give a decent anniversary gift then look no further than this fabulous list.

25 Heartwarming Anniversary gift ideas


There is plenty of ideas, in particular we love the personalised paper dolls:


Anniversary gift giving = BOSS level.

Happy anniversary lovebirds x


{Life Hack Friday} Get your garden on this weekend

In case you get your green thumb on this weekend then these little tips are for you!

When edging you garden beds and lawn lay down a plank of wood and use your shovel like this ->


Image: Pinterest

If you need to water and don’t have a watering can do this ->

Image: Buzzfeed

Image: Buzzfeed

To be-dazzle your backyard space why not use some rope lighting to light things up?

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Use concrete blocks as modern looking concrete planters ->

Image: Remodelista

Image: Remodelista

What’s your favourite gardening tip?

Happy gardening Nesters!


{The Nest Loves} Valentines for the unromantic type

So not every single valentine is a romantic. Some people just don’t get it.

Here is a collection of Perfect Valentine’s for the unromantic in your life. Go check it out there are 31 pearlers to choose from!

We particularly dig this one:


and if your love is more into poetry, we gotcha covered as well:


Happy love day Nesters x

{The Nest Cooks} So is this the worst of ideas or simply the most brilliant? Mugs+Microwaves=?

So, I am still internally arguing with myself whether this is the coolest, or actually the worst thing I have found.

Buzzfeed have put together 18 microwave snacks you can cook in a mug – I kid you not.


Now, before you get up on your high-horse of judgment they make everything from quiche to sticky-date pudding… I REPEAT there is sticky-date pudding in a mug in your microwave TONIGHT!

You can see the full list here -> ‘Delicious Snacks in a Mug’nutella

Mmmm – probably need to go for a run now even just looking at that page..

Enjoy Nesters!


{Life is a laugh} 16 things only people with unique names will understand..

Okay, this is not for the Nesters with names like Louise, Jodie, Amy or Michelle. Also you Peters, Johns and Jacks feel free to look away as well. While we love you, this simply is not applicable to you.

This, my friends is for the smaller minority of people who have unusual, uncommon names. babybaby

I am talking names that require you to lie when ordering pizza, the type of names that require a 30 second explanation when introducing yourself confirming that , ‘Yes I am sure that is how I spell my OWN name’, and ‘No, my parent’s weren’t high when they named me’.

The funny people at Buzzfeed have put together this fabulous list of ’16 things only people with unique names will understand’nameYou’re welcome my fellow weirdo name people..

Love Kayana.

{Delicious} Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

Soooo, this probably, maybe, definitely isn’t likely to be the best help for any health new years resolutions you have made in the last few days but this was just too pretty/delicious/cute not to share.

33 cakes

Buzzfeed has compiled 33 of the best cakes you are likely to see in a while. You can find the link here -> Buzzfeed – Cutest Cakes of 2013


There is everything from cheesecakes to ombre to gummy bears.

As they say, “If you ever doubt that the world is a beautiful place, just remember: We’ll always have sugar, butter and flour”.


Happy sugar loading Nesters!

{Learning} We can teach you something, well, actually, maybe its just not cricket..

Sometimes in life you find something that just makes sense. Well, actually kind-of-sense.

Like, the sense that when you are at a dinner party and someone starts talking about a particular subject you can finally join in without having to:

a) make an exit to the bathroom;


b) pretend to be interested when in fact you would prefer to stab yourself in the eye with a fork for fun;


c) nodding like a yoyo while actually having no understanding of the garble they are speaking of. cricket

The abovementioned reactions are me.. and cricket.

Look, I know it’s the Australian sport. I am meant to like it. I just don’t want to get it. howzat

Anyway the clever folk at Buzzfeed have thrown together an explanation of cricket that even I get. It kinda makes sense now. Plus, it is funny and makes me see men with bats as superheroes.

Here is the link -> ‘Cricket explained by an american who has never seen cricket’ (Catchy title right!?).

Well, what’s the worse that is going to happen – you might actually surprise the hubby with your new found awesome cricket knowledge?

Happy cricket watching Nesters!