{The Nest Loves} You NEED this mermaid blanket

So if you were like nearly every single little girl around you circa 1990 then you would have most likely been wishing you were under the sea, you know because the seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake.

Then bada bing, bada boom this my friend, is for you.

Let me introduce you to the crochet mermaid tail blanket.

NO REALLY. You NEED this in your life.

mermaid tailIt is comfort and mermaid-like. Does life get any better?

Thank you baby cheeses for talented, creative people like Etsy seller Melanie Campbell of CassJamesDesigns who come up with this kinda of slothy goodness.


Check out Brit & Co for more info.

O. My. Madonna.

Mark me down for eleven.


{Love Birds} Boho bride inspo

We absolutely adore all things Boho.

The flowers, the prettiness, the love.

The brilliant team at Brit & Co have put together some wonderful Bohemian Wedding Ideas for you.

We are dying over this stationery!


And have you ever seen more beautiful bridesmaids?


Head over and get some boho inspo NOW!

{The Nest Wears} Having trouble making your basketball look nice?

Being with child/preggo/up the duff/knocked up makes dressing just a wee bit different.

Most of your normal clothes will no longer fit and you need to consider options for packing a basketball size stomach bulge into your favourite jeans.

The fantastic team at Brit & Co have put together a list of some gorgeous Instagram inspiration for you.bump brit

Note: You do not need to only wear a potato sack, you can dress the bump and still feel fabulous (well, as long as your not voming or owing cankles or sucking down 47-hundred-thousand mylantas to wrangle indigestion).

{The Nest Weddings} Would you ever consider an ombre dress?

Got a man? Check.

Got a ring? Check.

Got a big white meringue dress? Check.. or maybe not..

There is a new trend appearing in weddings, and it is simply beautiful.

Would you ever consider an ombre dress?

Brit & Co have compiled a list of some of the most spectacular ombre dresses available. You can find the list here -> ‘Ombre Wedding Gowns’

ombre dress

Happy wedding planning Nesters!