{The Nest Reviews} Nutri-Grain is back on our plate

Sometimes it is the old faithfuls that come good again and that is what happened this week in our household.

The last couple of weeks have been epic. I have been running around chasing the three little birdies, attempting to find time to study and sit two law exams and on top of that balancing the husband’s business’ books. So to say I needed some help was a ridiculous understatement.

Breakfast in our house usually consists of yoghurt, muesli and fruit or maybe a smear of honey on toast.

This week the fantastic people at Kellogg’s helped us rediscover our old friend Nutri-Grain. nutri grain

It was so simple tossing some of the delicious little parcels into a bowl and pouring over some cold milk. The kid bird had never tried Nutri-Grain before (Crazy, I know!) but now it is definitely her favourite.

The best bit is that I can give Nutri-Grain to her knowing that it now comes with a 4 Health Star rating and is packed full of corn, oats and wheat.

Everyone knows though, that the best bit is that deliciously satisfying crunch!nutir grain

So why not grab a packet of the new and improved Nutri-Grain for your family today.


{The Nest Health} 9 drinks that will wake you up better than coffee

If you’re a tall-double-shot-skim-macchiato-required-before-being-able-to-interact-in-human-conversation sort of person then this article is for you.

Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

This list of 9 drinks that will wake you up better than coffee shows that you do not necessarily need to rely on good ol’ Nescafé to kick-start your morning routine.

Be creative, look outside the box and you might just find a better way to get started in the mornings.

Let us know how you go.

Good mornings Nesters!