{Read Up} Reading Challenge 2017

As much as I love reading I never seem to find enough time. It is always something that gets pushed to the background of my busy day and every so often pops its little head out right as I climb into bed and I manage to indulge in a few pages of one of the four books on my bedside table.

I truly believe there are two types of people in the world, those who only read one book at a time and those who have several on the go at one time. I am solidly the second type.

So, as a challenge to myself (and now you!) I have put together a reading challenge for 2017.

Here you go:

Reading challenge 2017

Here’s to finding time to explore the written word in 2017.

Let me know how you go! Did I miss anything that should be added next time?

{The Nest Home} Read your way to escape

One of my very favourite places when the weather warms up is in my very own backyard.

We are lucky to have a wonderful outdoor space that allows the sun to stream down on my legs (yes, mum I wear sunscreen) while I drink my cup of tea and listen to my children play.

It is my favourite time because I often escape out there with a magazine or a book. Sometimes a new one, or sometimes I just take one of my classic favourites and am immediately transported to my happy place.

I am always on the search for a great new book (if you have/know/love/recommend/hate a book please let me know!)


I have stumbled across this reading list from Lauren Conrad that looks like it has some pearlers on it.

What do you think? Can you recommend something else?

{Raising Little People} 20 brilliant books for little birdies

There is nothing more perfect than little minds listening intently to a grown-up voice reading stories of adventure, fun and fantasy.

book to read

It is a memory that I hold close to my heart. I remember my parents reading to me and I know my little birdies will have the same memory when they are grown.

Essential Baby have put together a brilliant list of the top 20 children’s books that all little birdies should read.

Happy reading Nesters!

{Top 10} Need some words? Maybe even on a book? Here are the top 10 children’s books of 2013

It is hot. So flusteringly hot that sometimes the best idea is the air-con, a book and an icy-pole.

If your little birdies are looking for a good book to keep them still, under the air-con while eating their icy-pole then look no further then the Random House ‘Top 10 children’s books bestsellers of 2013’.

A perfect collection of books for your little birdies, especially great while they are on holidays.

top 10You’re welcome.

The right kind of plank

Sometimes the most simple ideas are simply the best. I want this for our nest. Simple. Clever. Beautiful.

Got a papa-bird who has a couple of free hours on the weekend? Why not ask him to throw together this wood bookrest?

Put together using a plank of wood and casters from any hardware store!


Photo source: Pinterest

Photo source: Pinterest

Reading + Christmas = our two favourite things

Sometimes in your numerous hours of pointless internet browsing (if you are however speaking with hubby-bird I would appreciate if we all told him I was busily ‘studying’ for my upcoming exams) you stumble across a brilliant idea. An idea whereby you wonder how you did not think of it yourself. An idea which you are sure will become a tradition in your family for generations to come.

Elle Keeps Moving has got that idea.

Every Christmas you wrap 25 books under the tree and from the start of December, each night you unwrap one to read as family. What a simply beautiful concept.

Happy Christmas Nesters x

25 books, 25 days

25 books, 25 days