{The Central Nest & BONDS} ‘You can’t touch this. Stop. It’s MO-Time’

During the recent few months I have been lucky enough to be working alongside BONDS providing a couple of pieces for their fabulous blog (which you can find here -> BONDS Bumps & Baby Blog)

bondsHere is my latest installment – ‘You can’t touch this, Stop. It’s Mo-TIME’


Basically, this article covers everything from running for congress to shaving your legs.

How about you jump on the MO-Time train?

A big thanks to BONDS for giving me an opportunity to contribute to their brilliant blog, it has been a real honour.

Happy reading Nesters x

{BONDS blogger} ‘Ho Ho Hoping to survive Christmas’

I love being a guest blogger for BONDS and today my latest piece has been published on their Blog!

bonds santa pic

I invite you to try my five step program for surviving Christmas. It covers all things from CIA operatives in Pakistan to trifle made by a three year olds.

You can find the link here -> ‘Ho Ho Hoping to survive Christmas’

Please let me know if you enjoy it!

Happy (early) Christmas Nesters!