{The Nest Reviews} The HydraFacial at Macquarie Medi Spa

I have found the perfect gift to get your mummy this mother’s day. It is relaxing, beneficial and quiet. Now, what type of mum doesn’t want that!

I was recently invited to Macquarie Medi Spa to experience the new HydraFacial™.

Now they made all these promises to me guaranteeing me that it is a one of its kind treatment in our area and offers cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and hydration all at one time. It is non-invasive and non-surgical and that certainly interests me! So here is how it went.

I arrived and was welcomed by a friendly staff member on arrival, she asked if I wanted a glass of water or a coffee and I knew straight away it was worth coming.

I met Charlotte a wonderfully friendly beauty therapist who took me into a quiet room filled with ambient lighting and soothing music and we discussed my skin and any concerns I have. I explained that I hate the blackheads that have taken up residence on my nose as well as the milia spots I have surrounding my eyes. She assured me that she could help to relieve some of these problem areas for me.

After being given a warm towel I curled up on the bed and waited patiently. Charlotte started by shaping my eyebrows and giving my face a gentle massage. Once the HydraFacial machine was started there were some slurping and pulling sensations on my face and the cleansing was over. Next came the exfoliation and extraction. That was unbelievable! It didn’t hurt at all but I could literally feel the pull of the pores being opened! Finally she applied a hydration which drenched my face in a luxurious cream that soothed and replenished my skin.

The most interesting part of the whole treatment was that at the end of the hydration Charlotte asked me if I wanted to see what had come out of my skin. Of course, without hesitation I said yes! So she pulled out the canister and showed me the magnitude of disgusting, dirty and dead skin cells that have been collected by the machine! How incredible to actually be able to see the physical results! macquaeie

I have to admit I was hesitant when I was first approached about undertaking a facial by a machine, my usual facial consists of the beautifully trained (and usually well manicured) hands of a beauty therapist massaging my face, but this was really a wonderful experience. My face felt beautiful afterwards and was super soft to the touch. The best part however was that my face was even clearer the next day!

I left not only with a clearer face but with some great tips and advice from Charlotte on how to treat MY face and MY skin conditions and MY dry patches. I love that it was so personalised.

I can genuinely say that my experience of the  HydraFacial at Macquarie Medi Spa exceeded my expectations and I cannot wait to go back again.

So without a doubt you should pop down today and book yourself (or your mama) in for this sensation treatment. You will not regret it!



{Christmas Prizeapolooza} Relax this Christmas with Macquarie Medi Spa

If you are looking for a PERFECT oasis right in the middle of town look no further than Macquarie Medi Spa! Recently refurbished, Macquarie Medi Spa is the only medi spa west of the Blue Mountains.

Owned and operated by the glamorous Karla McDiarmid for the past 13 years with the help of two spa concierges and nine qualified skin care therapists they are your one stop relaxation spot.macquarie

Macquarie Medi Spa specialises in intensive skin care treatments including microdermabrasion which unclogs and removes all yucky dead skin cells and reveals fresh, smooth and hydrated skin.

They also offer LED light therapy, dermal needling for fine lines or acne scarring and intensive peels.

My favourite however is the hot stone therapy, warm bamboo and Swedish relaxation massages.. Ahhhh so damn good!macq

Macquarie are also the go-to girls for all your hair removal and beauty requirements. They even offer fraxcel laser services and have a specially trained doctor and nurse who visit from Sydney every 4-5 weeks to perform anti-ageing injections.

Plus, they offer all the necessities like waxing, tinting, spray tanning, last extensions and nail treatments.

Macquarie Medi Spa isn’t afraid to lead by example. All their employees receive intensive staff training and incentives to keep them ahead of the pack. They offer customers one on one personal advice and the very best service possible.

They are very selective about the products they use and will only use professional products that are the best quality.spa

Macquarie Medi Spa will treat you like family. They regularly offer promotional eveneings, educational seminars and personalised attention. It is an experience of ultimate relaxation each and every time you visit Macquarie Medi Spa. From the moment you walk in you are taken through to the private relaxation suite where you can enjoy T2 herbal and the benefit of state of art equipment.

Trust me when I say you will not regret your visit to Macquarie Medi Spa!


|Address: Shop 2/169 Howick Street, Bathurst |

|Phone:  02 6332 2062 |

|Email: relax@macquariemedispa |

|Website: www.macquariemedispa.com |

|Facebook: www.facebook.com/macquariemedspa |

|Twitter: Macquarie Medi Spa |

|Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/macquariemedspa |


The gorgeous team at Macquarie has decided to make one Nester’s Christmas just a little bit sweeter with a fantastic Pure Fiji Spa Pack! Talk about being on Santa’s good list!

To be in the running all you have to do is be a liker of Macquarie Medi Spa and The Central Nest on Facebook and like the competition post on our Facebook page!

Remember for an additional entry you can ‘tag’ a friend!

Winner will be announced 21 December 2014.

Good luck beautiful Nesters!