{The Nest Loves} Letters to your child

It goes SO quickly.

The time between each birthday just seems to slip more quickly all the time.

I love this idea from the wonderful people at Two Little Ducklings. They have put together a beautiful stationary set called Letters to Your Child letters

Basically it is a stationery pack that allows you to write a letter to your child from birth to age 12. It also comes with interview questions and a page to put your wishes for your little birdie.

This is quite possibly the most beautiful gift you could give a new parent.baby

Happy shopping Nesters x

{Raising Little People} Shnuggle your little one

Well hello isn’t this just a little bit clever?

The Shnuggle Baby Bath is a pretty rocking solution for an age old problem. shnuggle

Everyone knows that bath time with babies is crucial for bonding (and general hygiene!) but it can be a real pain in the back!

The Shnuggle uses only two litres of water and can take your little bambino all the way from newborn to sitting. Shnuggle-bath-feature-600x429

While it is a UK product you can contact them to be placed on the waiting list for this little beauty!

Happy bath time Nesters x