{Our Nest} A new bird, a name thief and an elephant selfie

To say the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind is the biggest understatement since someone said Kimmy K might like a selfie or two.kim selife

We are overjoyed like a kids with wagon wheels to announce that we welcomed Charlotte into our nest. She is perfection. She eats. She sleeps. Repeat.

I do feel she is placing us into a false sense of security and in the not too distant future you are likely to find me hiding in the stationary aisle at woolies rocking back and forwards begging for a straight jacket but until that time I plan on absorbing all her newborn goodness.14

We had such an interesting long birth experience, I cannot give enough thanks to the maternity staff at the hospital that helped bring our little lady into the world. In particular, there are a few people that really deserve special thanks. There is the girl I knew from school who was full a humour and positivity. There was the girl who kept me calm and somehow instinctively knew when to talk and when to just hold my hand. There was the girl who was encouraging and patient. The girl who followed us up even after her shift finished and finally there was the doctor who believed in me and offered to give me a chance. A sincere-from-the-bottom-of-my-toes-to-the-tip-of-my-nose thank you to you all. P.S Happy Midwife Day to all the midwives out there for yesterday!midwife

In very exciting news I have discovered one very beneficial outcome that comes with delivering a baby that weighs over 4.5 kilos is that it is the bloody quickest weight loss regime ever! Literally nearly 5 kilos a gonski in less than 1 minute!

I have to admit the hubby-bird and I had this delusional romantic idea of the moment that our other birdies would meet their new little person. We were sure the birds would croon, the angels would sing and we would have a wonderful photograph of all the love. In reality, when the toddler-bird and kid-bird met their new little sister it was definitely less than a magical hallmark moment. Kid-bird walked in and spontaneously burst into tears because she wanted a brother NOT ANOTHER SIIIISSSSSTER! The toddler-bird didn’t care nearly as much. She was simply there for the hospital custard and free apple juice. When we asked if she wanted to kiss her sister we were met with a solid eye roll and a statement consisting of “She stinks weird. Maybe we should sell her back to BigW”. Such a solid family moment to remember for ever.


They like each other now.. mostly

If you know me at all you will know that I am a complete tragic royals fan. They are just coolest and I am crushing hard. Well, this chick Kate (she’s like totes the duchess) is my unrequited best mate. We are BFF’s (but she just doesn’t quite know that yet). Anyhoo, she also had a bambino this week and it was PINK! Pink ones are the best, but admittedly I am a smidgeon biased because I am the mother to only pink dragons. BUT there is an issue in our wonderful imaginary friendship and that is that she stole my baby name. We both have new little Charlottes which is definitely going to be akws when we are at the park together sipping tea and one of us yells at our Charlotte to stop licking the slippery dip… Okay, princesses probably don’t lick stuff, I am sure she has people that do that for her and I spose probably thousands of other Strayans also have Charlottes, but you know that aren’t friends with my mate Kate. I like her, and she sent me this card with a virtual high-fiver so we have moved on and are BFFing all over the place again.

Charlotte #2 (1)

I hope to be back on board and publishing on the blog again soon, just depends on the state of Mount Washmore in the spare room, ahem, I mean nursery and on how long the little birdie keeps me in this state of eat. Sleep. Repeat.

I do want to share that later we will be running a competition giving one very lucky nester the opportunity to win a photography session with the very talented team at No Added Cheese! This is a special competition for one very deserving mama. WATCH THIS SPACE!!

Thanks for all the well wishes you beautiful Nesters!



{Raising Little People} Precious Firstborn Syndrome

Precious Firstborn Syndrome. Totally a thing. Like should have a support group with coloured ribbons or something.

If you have had a child, you have experienced at least a smidgeon of this syndrome.

I swear a girl I know may as well have been the founding partner of the syndrome. No shit, she used to sterilise her baby’s toys after every use. Gawd, I was lucky to shower once a day and somehow she managed to sterilise a zebra chew toy 4 times a day. Plus one time she rang maternity to ask if there was a particular sanitiser to use on her nipples before allowing her bambini to suckle..

Anyway, this article by Shauna Anderson ‘Precious Firstborn Syndrome‘ is an absolute riot. baby

Grab a coffee, read this and immediately feel better about yourself and your own parenting style.

Enjoy Nesters x

{Raising Little People} When labour just doesn’t happen..

Holding your precious new bundle of love is the most incredible feeling in the world. The sense of achievement, the sense of relief, the sense of family washes over you.

Image Source: Essential Baby (Getty Images)

Image Source: Essential Baby (Getty Images)

So does it matter how your new little one gets here? Each and every delivery is incredibly different. But, what happens if your little birdie doesn’t want to come on their own accord?

Recently, there has been a tendency to diminish medically assisted birth experiences such as inductions, in favour of ‘natural’ births.

Here one woman shares her story about the fact that a less-than-ideal birth can bring a sense of loss, even if the outcome is positive.

From someone who is 2 from 2 in the induced births department I completely agree with her sentiments. Whilst I happily cuddled into my new little people I did feel a certain sense of disappointment in myself for not being able to experience spontaneous labour, but then, you realise why does it really matter?

Essential Baby – ‘When labour just doesn’t happen’

Happy reading Nesters x

{Do This} Let PALS be your new friends..

PALSIf you are looking for somewhere to take the little birdies where they will be entertained, you can have a chat and meet other families, then look no further than Parents and Littlies (PALS).

PALS meet each 11.30am.

Welcoming all children (and parents and carers!) from birth to school age, there is plenty of fun including craft, playdough, toys, blocks, sandpit, bikes balls, morning tea, music and story time and more.

You can find PALS at Bathurst Uniting Church. Just head down driveway and you can see them in the kids playground. All you have to take is a hat, water bottle and a piece of fruit to share.

COST: Only $2 per family.

For more information call Robyn on 0400 475 660.

Happy playing Nesters!


{Raising little people} Top 100 baby names of 2013 – is your little birdie in the list?

So, its that time of year again – Kidspot have put together the top 100 names of 2013.

Whilst there aren’t a lot of surprise towards the top (hello Oliver and Jack) – names are getting a bit more unusual the lower down the list you go.

You can find the list here -> Kidspot – Top 100 name of 2013

Unfortunately I don’t envisage Kayana making the top 100!

top 100 names

{Raising little people} Quote for the day

A sobering thought to be considered when a wave of frustration takes over.

No one said it was going to be easy.

Source: pinterest

Source: pinterest

Parenting really is the hardest job around but you are doing a great job. I promise.

{Recall alert} Angelcare Baby Monitor

As a parent you always try and do what is best for your baby birds which often includes using the latest in technology to monitor their safety.angelcare-300x0

If you (or someone you know) owns an ‘Angelcare baby monitor’ you need to read this article today published on Essential Baby.

It has been discovered that two babies have died as a result of strangulation caused by the cords attached to the cot monitoring system and a full recall has been ordered.

You can read more here -> ‘Angelcare monitor recall’

Please be safe Nesters x


Get your trivia on..

The Australian Breastfeeding Association is a not for profit organisation dedication to helping mothers breastfeed and care for their children. The Bathurst group provides trained breastfeeding counsellors, breast pump hire, 24hour telephone helpline and weekly meetings as support for mothers and babies. The group is holding their annual fundraising trivia night on Saturday 17 August 2013 and could use your support.

Tickets are available from the link below. Get out and help support this wonderful group!


Australian Breastfeeding Association Bathurst <- link here for more information

Bad cow

cow copy

Something horrible happened to me the other day. Not horrible like need to contact my next of kin but horrible all the same.

I have always prided myself on being a good parent. Not a perfect parent, but a good, will try my hardest, whatever gets you through the days, kind of parent. My eldest daughter often says please and thank you and only rarely throws food at people. She is fairly well adjusted (so I say anyway) and is so healthy that she thinks a doctor is just another character in her storybook, next to the butcher and baker.

I had trouble breastfeeding her. I tried my hardest. I did all the tricks. I tried herbal remedies. I tried prescription drugs. It just didn’t work. Upon medical advice she was compensated with formula from day two and after just six weeks she became a sole formula fed baby. I had no choice. I was, despite by best efforts, a ‘bad cow’.

During my pregnancy with my second daughter, I studied and prepared for breastfeeding. I did everything in my power to let go of the personal failings that I felt associated with breastfeeding. I tried to wipe the slate clean. This time would be different.

At the beginning of December 2012 we welcomed our new little lady into the world. She was 9 pound 6 ounces and two weeks overdue. She was robust and strong from day one. Again, I struggled to produce milk. I managed to feed her for three days before she lost too much weight and once again the formula compensation began.

I was put on a medication to encourage my body to create milk. This medicine gave me headaches and nausea but I continued taking it. I wanted to breastfeed this time. I wanted to prove to everyone (especially myself) that I could do it.

So for four long months I persevered. I remained on the medication. I expressed every three hours. I was awake when my baby slept expressing more milk to encourage my supply. Feeding took an hour to complete. 20 minute breastfeed. 20 minutes bottlefeed. 20 minute express. This was repeated every three hours or so. I didn’t sleep much. But I told myself I was doing what was best for my baby.

It was during one of my first trips shopping alone with my new baby that it happened. I was half way through the groceries when my little one began to cry. She was hungry. She needed to eat. I left my half full trolley with the service counter and went to a café just across the centre. I ordered a hot chocolate and sat down.

I breastfed my daughter for approximately 20 minutes and then started preparing her bottle. As I poured the formula into the bottle I noticed a woman in a red scarf watching me. Not a particularly noticeable woman. But I did notice her. We made eye contact. I smiled and continued to prepare my daughter’s bottle.

I began feeding my daughter and disappeared into that mother-daughter nurturing space. Minutes later, not-particularly-noticeable-lady-in-red-scarf leaned over my right shoulder and muttered “You know you are poisoning your baby”. WHAT?!. “Formula kills babies. If you were a good mum you would be breastfeeding” WHAT?! What just happened?

I remember being so surprised. I remember not really understanding her words. I was so stunned. I was so angry. I was so taken aback.

Then she was gone. I didn’t have a chance to retaliate. I didn’t have a chance to tell her that I had just finished breastfeeding. Or to mention the medication that makes me sick but I still take so I can feed her. That it isn’t my fault. That I am trying my hardest.

In that one moment she crumbled my self-esteem. In that one moment this stranger stole my power. I knew I should ignore her. I knew I was doing my best. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to let it go.

Her words ate me up. It is all I could think of. I went back to shopping. I cried in the deli. I cried in the Asian food section. I cried in the frozen food section.

I went home and every time I fed my daughter I heard her whispering in my ear. I cried at home. I cried in the shower. I cried making the bed. Her words played over and over in my head.

Three months later I no longer cry. I do however scan every face I see near my local café. I do often find myself hiding under a table to prepare my baby’s formula. I do get angry when I catch myself hiding.

Then I tell myself that I might be a bad cow but I am a good mum. That is enough. It has to be enough. Now I cuddle my healthy, happy, robust eight month old and while I will never forget what she said, it will no longer rule me.

Whoever you are, remember that you never really know another person’s story. You can never really see the back story. Be supportive, not judgmental. Be helpful, not critical. Show kindness, not aggression. Above all, remember we are all doing our best.

Twins are just twice as nice!

Having a newborn is tough. No one can argue with that. However, what if you had two? Twice the feeds. Twice the tears. Twice the work. Twice the love!

I was lucky enough recently to speak with local superstar mum, Peta Sykes. She has a beautiful three year old daughter Deearna (Dee) as well as the most gorgeous seven-month-old twins, Lochlon and Chloe.

I asked Peta (aged 32) to tell us a little bit about her life with twins.

The lovely Peta Sykes

The lovely Peta Sykes

Congratulations on your beautiful babies. Please tell us a little about your pregnancy?

Two months into my pregnancy I suffered extreme morning sickness that lasted all day (and for months!). I had to stop working as I couldn’t physically deal with feeling so ill all day. The middle of the pregnancy was fine until the end. It was summer and I was very heavy and extremely uncomfortable.

Were you expecting to have multiples? Were your babies conceived naturally or through IVF?

I conceived my twins naturally. I had a family history of twins including my paternal grandmother who had boy-girl twins as well as my paternal aunt who also had boy-girl twins.

Did you have your babies at full term or did they arrive early?:

At 38 weeks, my doctor recommended that I should be induced around 21 December 2012. A few hours into my initial visit I was advised that as it was nearly Christmas there weren’t enough staff rostered on and there were no beds available. So I was sent me home.

On the second day they sent me home again.

On 23 December 2012 I was told to come back on Christmas Eve to be induced as there would be enough staff and beds available for my delivery. The induction was unsuccessful and as it was Christmas Day the next day and  very limited staff I decided to go ahead with a caesarean. My babies were born 7 and 6 pounds each.

How was the delivery? Were you able to have your babies in the Central West?

I had my caesarean at Bathurst Base Hospital which was lovely. Even though I was unable to spend Christmas at home, my family were able to come and visit us at hospital.

What would you say is the best thing about having twins?:

I don’t think I could pick one thing. They are just so interesting. They do so many funny twin things and just watching them interact with one another is divine.

They are so similar in features and things that they do but I have already started to notice that they are developing their own little personalities. That really is lovely to watch. Dee also gets the best of both worlds, a little brother and a little sister.

What is the hardest thing about having twins?:

I find the hardest thing is trying to get them to do the same thing at the same time. For example, getting them to go to sleep at the same time. Having two babies you want them to be able to do everything together so that you can focus on other things that need to be done, and also so I am able to spend time with Dee.

I remind myself that they are two separate little beings and that this is not always going to work. It is a lot of work but it is definitely worth it.

Do you notice any special/remarkable bonds between them?:

They are always looking for the other especially at bed time. Lochlon always checks that Chloe is in her cot and vice versa. I think they just need that reassurance that the other is okay. If one is upset the other one tends to get upset too and it works both ways if one starts laughing the other one likes to join in. They are very aware of what the other is doing and if they aren’t involved, they want to be.

What support do you have/use? Do you believe the Central West has enough support for parents of multiples?:

I have amazing family support and some beautiful friends who are always visiting and checking in with us. I have the most supportive mother. I don’t know how I would have survived this long without her.

There is a lot of support in the Central West. The Community Health Service at the hospital is the one that I personally use. The midwives are beautiful people and so willing to help.

When I discovered that that I was having twins, I did try to source out help specifically dealing with multiples and while I was pregnant there was nothing locally. Since having my twins I have met some twin mums and a few of us have started a Multiple Birth Group. It’s still in its early stages but the parents and carers I have met have been a great help to me. I believe that it will be a fabulous community support group for future parents and carers of multiples. You can find us on Facebook simply by typing in Bathurst Multiple Birth Association (BXMBA) (or click on this link -> BXMBA Facebook).

We plan to have lots of social get-togethers as well as a monthly play group that will be held at the Baptist Church. We have appointed committee members of the association which will be responsible for different support resources including support for school aged multiples, special needs help with breast-feeding and also support for fathers just to name a few. It will be a great community support for Bathurst families and I’ve been blessed to be a part of it so far.

Contact the Bathurst Multiples

The Bathurst Multiple Birth Association


The Central Nest thanks Peta for taking the time to provide this wonderful insight into her life and that of her gorgeous little babies.

If you are able to help the Bathurst Multiple Birth Association with donations of any resources please contact them through their Facebook page. Or alternatively contact the Central Nest and we can pass your details forward.