{Same Sex Plebiscite} Why you should vote yes

So not sure why you should vote yes on the plebiscite? I got the answer for you….

The main reason you should vote yes is, well because…

It doesn’t affect you.

It really won’t change your life at all.

I think that’s the bit that so many people are missing about this whole thing.

You can still go on living your conservative life. If you vote yes, your heterosexual life isn’t going to change. You will still be married. You will still be accountable to your partner. You will still be your partner’s beneficiary. Your marriage will be no less valid.

But here’s the thing, it won’t change your life at all, but it will change someone else’s life. So much more than you will ever know.

You are gifting someone a chance to have a family that is recognised by all. A family that is happening already. Love is love regardless of how you feel.

You don’t need to necessary support gay rights, but you should support human rights.

By ticking the box and posting back your vote you are giving someone out there the chance you feel validated. The chance to feel love. The ability to see their life no longer covered in discrimination but rather in equality.

So don’t waste your chance to change someone else’s life for the better. Shouldn’t everyone have the right to love?

It won’t affect you, but mate I guarantee your vote will affect others.

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{The Nest Opinion} To the little girls from the billboard

In the last few days an Australian Government billboard was removed from Docklands because of threats made to the advertising company responsible for creating it. This billboard was simple insofar as it spoke of Australia Day and the various ways to celebrate the day.girls

It was removed because a few small minded individuals were unfortunately granted the power through the threat of violence to control what we, as the people see. I personally saw two beautiful young girls happily smiling and holding Australian flags. Nothing in the world appeals to me more. I am the mother of daughters and I am a true blue Australian. The idea of little girls, happily celebrating Australia is a wonderful sight. I am ashamed that some people saw this billboard as a problem, in reality it is only those few who are the problem.

I know that some people are opposed to the hijab because they believe it shows oppression of females due to the idea that girls are required to wear them, but unless you have asked every single girl whether it is worn by choice or by demand you cannot judge. Further, I don’t see a circumstance in which a billboard would be removed for depicting two catholic nuns in black habits waving Australian flags.

So I say to the two little girls on the billboard:

I am sorry.

I am sorry your mummy had to speak to you this week about racism.

I am sorry that you had probably told your friends and family about your beautiful face being used on a billboard nearly as big as your house and now it has been pulled down.

I am sorry that some racist, uneducated fool threatened other people and as a consequence your pretty faces had to come down.

I promise that not everyone thinks that way. I am sorry that you might feel unwelcome and like you don’t belong here but this is your home too.

You my darlings, are welcome to be my Australia.You represent the ongoing multiculturalism future of Australia. I hope one day, people won’t even acknowledge the fact that you choose to wear hijabs and instead just see two young girls happily preparing to celebrate our Australia.

The whole point of Australia is freedom. It’s the freedom to get a Southern Cross tattoo if you like when you’re 18 and on schoolies. It’s the freedom to dress how you like. Its the freedom of education. Its the freedom of religion. Its the freedom from persecution.

So little ones, please keep believing in your Australia. I promise not everyone feels the same way.

With love,

An Australia mum.

EDIT: I have since learnt there is a crowd funding page raising pressure to have the billboard reinstated. Hopefully this situation will be rectified soon. Racism should never win.

You can find more information here -> GoFundMe – Aus Day

{The Nest Loves} Chi Khi does skin care best

So, if you follow us regularly you will know that we are having an on-going love affair with all things Chi Khi.

Natalie Bassingthwaighte’s brainchild is a brand full of goodness, kindness and comfort.

So you won’t believe how excited our little nest was to hear that Chi Khi is kicking off a wonderful bare skin care range that includes our personal favourites, the Wonder Cream and Natural Nappy Balm.

Both products are made in Australia (and you know how much we dig local) and made from natural ingredients designed to protect your little birdies sensitive skin.

Chi Khi bare Wonder Cream, $24.95

Chi Khi bare Natural Nappy Balm, $19.95

What sets Chi Khi apart from all the others is that both products are made free from artificial fragrances, sulphates, parabens, and petrochemicals and include a unique combination of active ingredients and gentle botanicals that are known for their soothing and healing benefits.

The Natural Nappy Balm is a soothing cream that protects little birdies from nappy and heat rashes. Gently formulated, fragrance free and pH balanced, Natural Nappy Balm contains Beeswax, Shea Butter and Pomegranate Seed Oil to help nourishes the skin and reduce dampness to creates a natural, long lasting protective barrier on baby’s delicate skin without inhibiting its ability to breathe.

The Wonder Cream is an ultra rich intensive cream, developed to help calm little mini’s irritated skin conditions including eczema and dermatitis.  Containing Calendula C02  (an excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ointment with soothing properties), Shea Butter and natural oils of Coconut, Pomegranate Seed and Rosehip Fruit, this nourishing emollient cream will help reduce redness and inflammation, while Vitamin E moisturises and soothes baby’s skin.

Plus, the packaging is pretty as a peach and a monochrome delight.

Because the genius team are always thinkers they have your next baby-shower gift sorted! Make sure you check out the Chi Khi bare Noo Bhi Gift Pack that contains all the goodies including the Nappy Balm, Wonder Cream, a Snuggle Bamboo Wrap and matching Beanie. The pack arrives beautifully gift wrapped with their blissful signature dot tissue paper, Chi Khi Sticker, branded box with a gift card.

Chi Khi bare Noo Bhi Pack – $99.95

You can find more information by heading over (and putting into your favourites!) www.chikhi.co

Happy shopping your gorgeous Nesters x

{Girl Crush Tuesday} The powerfully talented Meg

We have some pretty hard girl crushes. These are the types of ladies that stamp their style on the world. They are the type of people that will always be remembered and little girls grow up wanting to be. They are women of substance. Women that make the world a better place. Happy Girl Crush Tuesday everybody.line4Today’s girl crush is on the extraordinary Meg Lanning.

Meg is Australian cricketing royalty. She was Australia’s youngest captain at the tender age of 21 and she holds a swag of records!

Her stats are undeniable. In 2011 she scored an unbeaten century against England, and on 27 March 2014 she scored 126 runs from 65 balls against Ireland. To put that into perspective, as at 29 March 2014 that was the highest individual innings score in a women’s international and the second-highest score by a male or female in any international Twenty20 match. WOAH!

Add to that the fact that she also lends her voice to Channel Nine’s commentary team! What a star.

Plus, because she is an awesome lady she is also a supporter of CareAustralia and is one of their ambassadors. We salute you!

In a male driven sport Meg is making the boys stand up and pay attention. It is fantastic to see a fun, fierce female showing everyone that girls really do rule the world!



{The Nest Writes} Today another girl is dead and a man is responsible

I am livid. Inexplicitly pissed off. Heartbroken.

I am struggling not to lose faith, having trouble accepting that this is what our country has become.

Today, a man was charged with murder. He stole the future from a 26 year old woman who was to be married this weekend. Her name was Stephanie and she was a teacher, a soon-to-be wife, a daughter, a friend.

She is the girl next to you at the café. She is the lady in line for groceries. She is your child’s teacher.

Stephanie didn’t deserve to be treated in such a horrendous way. Her life was taken by a man. He made a decision without regard to her own wishes. A choice to singlehandedly ruin a family and to break the heart of a finance who this weekend will be crying tears of pain and sorrow, rather than celebrating in the loving embrace of his new wife.

This murderous man worked with Stephanie. They were colleagues. They probably brushed past each other in the corridor, maybe even made small-chat. He knew her. She knew him.

Stephanie and her mother, and partner

Stephanie and her mother, and partner

This weekend, a country town in New South Wales will be mourning a daughter. Someone will have to fold away her wedding dress. To cancel the florist. To file away her wedding vows. Instead of joining two families in love, a man has catapulted two families into grief.

On 17 March another woman’s life was stolen. 17 year old high school student Masa Vukotic, was violently attacked and stabbed to death while going for a run. This is not acceptable. This girl was simply existing in the world, living her OWN life and a man decided he had the power to end her existence in the most horrific of ways. It was unexpected. Unnecessary. Unfounded. A pure unadulterated abuse of power.

Men in Australia are taking the lives of women around them and something needs to be done. We need to make a stand and say that this is not okay.

This cycle of men killing women has to end. Every single week one Australian woman is killed by a current or former partner and one in three women have experienced some degree of violence.

1 in 3.

Just let that sink in.

You, and your two best friends are having coffee, statistically one of you has or will experience violence. In New South Wales alone in 2014 there were more than 27,000 domestic violence assaults reported to police (and that’s just the women who were brave enough, or injured enough to report it. Think about how many must go unreported).

Why is Australia not taking this seriously? What will become of us. My daughters are likely to grow up in a world where they are no longer safe to go for a run, walk home or tragically as with Stephanie, they aren’t even safe in their own workplace. They won’t be able to have the escape of their own home, because you know, one in three women experience violence in the home as well.

One of Australia’s largest newspapers, the Courier Mail showed utter disrespect when reporting Stephanie’s story today. Their front page ran the header ‘Bride and Seek’. This sort of media coverage does nothing but diminish the feelings of a family, the actions of a man and the last moments of a daughter. A front cover header of a national newspaper like this does not show how serious Australians need to be in stopping this ongoing epidemic of violence against women.

Media reporting like this cannot be tolerated

Media reporting like this cannot be tolerated

Men are not the rulers of women. We no longer live in a patriarchal society whereby women must obey men. We are equals. Women should be safe. Men should not be allowed to steal the futures from our nation’s girls.

In 2012 Thomas Kelly was fatally king-hit at Kings Cross in Sydney. The country was outraged. A young man was dead as a result of being punched. His brave family launched a campaign pushing for accountability and tougher sentencing. In 2013 another young man, Daniel Christie was killed again by a punch. Australia reacted. Within weeks new legislation was passed and “A Coward’s Punch Can Kill” campaign launched. Changes were made.

An issue was addressed. This kind of violence would no longer be tolerated. Seven men had been killed since 2000 and this was the reaction. Seven women had been killed by their partners in the first five weeks of 2015 alone.

Where the hell is the outrage on those statistics?

So what can you do?

You need to take a stand and reject the sexist attitudes and behaviour that creates a culture whereby violence against women is tolerated. You need to not support media reporting like the Courier mail’s front page today.

You need to treat all women as equals.

You need to speak up if you believe violence against women is occurring.

You need to not allow our media and policy makers to sweep yet another incident of violence against women under the carpet.

You need to make a world where little girls are protected. Young women are respected and females are not victimized.

Living in fear is not an option. Change must happen.

I stand for change. We need to protect Australia’s girls now.stand


EDITORS NOTE: Thanks to everyone for the comments and messages, I just want to take this opportunity to reiterate that violence against anyone is horrendous. To men. To women. To children. The idea behind this article was simply to bring awareness of just how prevalent this surge in violence against women has become especially in the first few months in 2015. Every single person deserves to be safe and protected against violence. Men do. Women do. Children do. It was definitely not my intention to belittle or diminish the impact of violence against all other members of society.


{The Nest Shops} All Wrapped Up and Taken Care Of

So, you know when you hear of an idea and you are all like “bloody hell, why didn’t I think of that??!!” well this clever business is exactly that.

Not only time saving and convenient, but they offer some beaut stuff!AWU_logo_L_RGB

All Wrapped Up is an online gift giving destination designed specifically for sending presents to your someone special. It was created by a former Bathurst girl and we are super duper proud of her and this very clever idea!

All Wrapped Up  offer unique gift ideas for anyone you could possibly need to buy for!

One of my very favourite features is the fact that unlike many other retailers you can actually choose your own gift wrapping and card to accompany the gift! Genius! wrapped up

All Wrapped Up  have taken the hard work out of gift giving all together!

As an extra bonus if you get your little tail into gear you can get FREE SHIPPING this Easter!

free shipping easter

Happy shopping Nesters xo

{Locally Found} Collits Inn is where it’s at…

What you doing this weekend?

Do this instead:

collits Inn

For more information you can check our Collits Inn on Facebook here -> Collits Inn

Happy Australia Day Nesters x

{This is Life} It is time to act on our watch


What this is, is possibly the most powerful video you will watch.

‘It is time to act on our watch’ is confronting, provoking and brave.

Domestic violence in NSW is at a 15 year high according to the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research.

You know what’s worse, those people who we share regional NSW with, are more likely to be affected.  That means YOUR friend, YOUR sister, YOUR workmate.

It is an epidemic that needs to be addressed, especially by the young future leaders.

Watch this. Pass on the message. Be strong and stand up together.

Fight domestic violence. Protect our daughters. Protect our sons. Make a change.

Please protect each other Nesters, enough really is enough.

{Girl Crush Tuesday} The fabulous Ms Frank

We have some pretty hard girl crushes. These are the types of ladies that stamp their style on the world. They are the type of people that will always be remembered and little girls grow up wanting to be. They are women of substance. Women that make the world a better place.

Happy Girl Crush Tuesday everybody.line4

Today’s girl crush is on the fantastically talented and very successful Jackie Frank.

Jackie is the editor and publisher of Marie Claire Australia. She is powerfully smart and epitomises girl power at its absolute finest.

Professionally, together with her fantastic team she has bought Marie Claire Australia to the forefront of any fashion lovers bookshelf and is officially the go-to for any fashion conscious Australian woman. Quite remarkably, Marie Claire Australia in combination with its sister editions are read by thirteen million women in 26 countries each month. As further evidence of the success achieved while being captained by Jackie, Marie Claire Australia was recognised as Magazine of the year in 2001 at the Magazine Publishers of Australia Awards.

What makes Jackie even more remarkable is that she is not afraid to voice her opinion when something just doesn’t seem right. She stands up for women’s rights and is publically known for her stand against models who are unhealthily thin. She is also completely passionate about equal marriage in Australia, and across the world.

As if editing Australia’s most beautiful magazine is not enough, Jackie is also successful personally as a mother to two beautiful children.

Thank you Ms Frank for giving all little girls someone to admire. You show that hard work, perseverance and self-belief are the cornerstone for a successful career. Girls really can have it all.

Images: Newscorp, Daily telegraph, Popsugar, Zimbio, Madworld.

Images: Newscorp, Daily telegraph, Popsugar, Zimbio, Madworld.

P.S You know when people ask you who your dream dinner party guest would be? The remarkable Jackie Frank is my choice.

{Girl Crush Tuesday} The Speedy Sally

We have some pretty hard girl crushes. These are the types of ladies that stamp their style on the world. They are the type of people that will always be remembered and little girls grow up wanting to be. They are women of substance.  Women that make the world a better place.

Happy Girl Crush Tuesday everybody.

line4Today we send high fives to the gorgeous Sally Pearson.

She is quintessentially Australia’s darling of track and field. Not only is she an absolute athletic superstar (winning Olympic gold medals and world championships) but she is also a bubbly, lovely, good hearted person filled with passion and determination.

In 2014, Australia formally acknowledged her awesomeness and Sally was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for her contribution to sport.

Off the track Sally is a huge lover of animals, she donates time to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Animal Welfare League Queensland. She is also a proud supporter of Golden Ark Rescue Australia.

Showing that hard work, perseverance and distinct talent can take you anywhere, Sally really is a role model for little girls everywhere.

Thanks Sally, you really are inspirational.

Images: AWW, Zimbio, SMH, Adelaide Now, Fox Sports, Daily Telegraph

Images: AWW, Zimbio, SMH, Adelaide Now, Fox Sports, Daily Telegraph