{This is Life} Why the F&%K not?

Are you living your life? Not surviving life, but really actually living it?

This article on Taking Risks, Why the F&*k Not? really resonated with us.

If you had no fear of failure, what would you do differently?risks

We aren’t necessary talking about your fear of spiders or snakes, but rather your fear of unknown, of unemployment, of not living a full life.

It is so easy to slip into a monotonous existence of everydayness, but maybe it is your time to stand up and start Taking Risks, Because Why the F&*k Not?

This may just be your new mantra.

Happy reading Nesters x

P.S The article does contain some rubbish bin words.

{Raising Little People} iParenting the new generation

Parenting is tough, even at the best of times, but what happens when you add the lure of technology to your children’s minds?

Connecting with your little birdies, talking with them, interacting with them is an ongoing battle.

This article brilliantly describes the feelings that parents of the new generation are facing, for the very first time.

Parenting as a Gen Xer: We’re the first generation of parents in the age of iEverything by Allison Slater Tate.

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

It is not something our parents had to face, we are on the new frontier of parenting (and sometimes it’s tough).


{Raising Little People} 10 things no one tells you about having a daughter..

Having little girls in your life isn’t all about tutus and shotguns for future boyfriends (despite what the masses may tell you)

There are some things that no one really tells you, some things that you cannot really be prepared for and until you have one very special little lady in your life you will not really understand what we are talking about.

The clever and witty Bret Spears has put into words the things that No one ever tells you about having a daughter. It is funny and smart and a really brilliant read.

bret spears

Happy reading Nesters!

{Raising Little People} This mum is saying what all of us think about our last baby

If you are a parent, you should read this. It perfectly puts into words the magic that is the last year of firsts.


While every parent at some point wishes that they could slow down time, you can’t. You can however, savour each, tiny last ‘first’.

Breathe it in. Memorise it.

You can find this wonderfully written piece here – IVillage – ‘The Last Year of Firsts’

Happy reading Nesters x

‘Let’s be gentle with each other, let’s read each other’s signs’

‘We must see past what it seems’ <- click link here..

I need help

This is an article that will stay with you. You will read it and remember it. It is a brave and honest insight into life. Sometimes we need to be reminded to think about other people and what they might be going through. This is long, but I really think worth the read. Full respect to Melody Ross the author of this piece. You can read more of her work at melodyross.com