{The Nest Writes} We are broken.

My family is broken.

This week we had to heartbreakingly farewell the patriarch of our family.

Arthur Thomas Trevor Wild was many things to many people but to me he was my Pop.pop

He led his life with conviction. He was funny and strong. He was determined and just a little bit naughty.

He was more cheeky than most two year olds you know. He has eyebrows that danced and a wink that gleamed.

He was a father to two, step-father to four. Grandfather to 18. Great-grandfather to 20.

He was a husband. A good, loving, reliable husband.nanna and pop2

He had an insatiable sweet tooth, and deeply loved copious amounts of ice cream.

He loved fishing and camping and living.

He really liked living. Until the end when he didn’t anymore.

That’s the thing, age is horrific, no one can hide from it. You can’t outrun it. It will catch us all.

Rest in peace my friend, you and your delightfully mischievous eyebrows will be missed. There is a hole in our family now that you are gone. We will never be the same.

So now, somehow we learn to live without you.

I love you. I miss you.

I will forever remember you.

Just know that you were loved. So incredibly, deeply loved.

{Raising little people} Age gaps between little birdies – is there a right answer?

Everyone has an opinion, like about everything.

So today’s big opinion is ‘Why did you choose to have such a big age gap between your little birdies?’

age gap

I have a beautiful friend that chose to have a big age gap. There is five years between her little birdies and they are very happy, well adjusted children. It is what works for their family.

I have another friend who has 12 months and one day between her little birdies. That’s what works for them.

The talented Donna Webeck has put together an article on Essential Baby about the reasons why she chose to have a big age gap.

Surely, there is no perfect answer and it is simply what works for you and your family?

You can find the link here -> ‘Four things I love about a love age gap and the one thing I loathe’

What do you think Nesters, is there a perfect gap?

Refining the secret to healthy aging

This is interesting. Searching for hints, tips and tricks to keep you looking younger? refinery29

Here, Refinery29 have put together a really brilliant article which has been broken down into age decades.

Here is the link-> Health tips for each agerefinery29agephoto

I love that it shows you small changes you can make to improve your skin, lifestyle and general wellbeing.

Having said that, reading this made me realise how mean I was to my body in its 20s… spose I best spend the next 20 making it up to myself!

Happy health and wellbeing nesters!