{The Nest Buys} Seriously Milestones

Friend is having a baby – check

Did receive baby shower invite – check

Am shit at choosing present – check

Enter saviors at Spilt Milk Interiors & Lifestyle – check

Purchase and have delivered to my door without leaving my glamorous pyjama no-bra situation ‘SERIOUSLY – MILESTONE CARDS’

Automatically look like champion gift giver-er person – check.milestone

Pop over and grab some today!

STOCKISTS: Spilt Milk Interiors & Lifestyle

Email | spiltmilkinteriors@hotmail.com

Phone | 0478 013 108

14 thoughts on “{The Nest Buys} Seriously Milestones

  1. Has anyone else had a problem with this company?? I’m trying to get refund for paid goods from December 10th at Mayfield Vineyards Christmas Markets . Not answering messages or phone calls

  2. I have also been having problems. Didn’t have the stock that I paid for so she contacted me to see what I wanted to do. I replied with either send small pendants instead of large or refund. This was a month ago and I can not get hold of her after numerous attempts! Sharon, have you received you refund yet?

    • My bank ended up refunding my money . They reversed the payment and then she had it reversed again so the bank ended up just giving the money back to me . She didn’t reply to fair tradings letter at all and seems like a very dishonest person to a lot of people . She now has the money and the item 😡 (Thank goodness for my bank or we’d still be out of pocket)

      • That is so awful, I am writing messages on her Instagram which she keeps deleting so I know she has seen them. I am also going to go down the Fair Trading route aswell, just hate that she is getting away with it and giving small Australian businesses a bad name. Thank you so much for your reply, glad you got your money back

  3. I started writing on her fb page and she blocked me so I couldn’t do it either and she seen my messages but can’t even message now cause I’m blocked and she never answers the phone either 😡 Good luck I hope you at least get your money back x

    • Oh makes me really angry that she is getting away with. Feel like contacting her suppliers and businesses she has just started collaborating with and warning them. I know her name is Jade and have her mobile thanks to this site but don’t have her address. Are you able to please pass this onto me? Thank you

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