{The Nest Opinion} Fed Up, are you propelling the cycle?

I know that we are all guilty of this, hell I am probably more guilty than most, but lately not so much.

I have stopped buying tabloid magazines; the New Idea and Famous magazines of the world. The ones that just propel this ongoing cycle.

Jennifer Aniston is many things an actor, director, producer. A cook, a wife, a book reader but most of all what she is, is fed up.

She published this article -> ‘For the Record’ on Huffington Post and you definitely need to read it.

Image: Justin Theroux

Image: Justin Theroux

Jennifer aptly describes how tired she is of being part of the narrative that places judgment and expectation on women. The media, the press, the everyday person suggesting constantly that she is pregnant and that somehow that will ‘complete her’ is absolutely ridiculous.

Motherhood is a choice, not an obligation.

I think it is brilliant that a spectacularly talented woman stands against the social norms and says out loud that sometimes children aren’t for everyone. Being a mother does not give you more value than those who choose not to have children.

At the end of the day, she is human. She is a woman who has good days and bad, fun days and sad days. I am sure she, like you or me has insecurities,  parts about her body she wishes she could change. Probably gets a chin full of pimples at certain times of the month, probably regrets her second helping of cake on a Sunday afternoon. She is just like you. She is like me.

Can you possible imagine how it would feel for your uterus to be under constant world speculation? I don’t care how rich she is, how many opportunities she has, what lifestyle she leads. She is still a woman like you or like me.

So, if you keep buying magazines and clicking on articles that perpetuate the ongoing cycle of judgment, unfounded suggestion and general fabrication then you are responsible for the creation of a market around judging a woman. A woman like you.

What is Jennifer was your real life friend, how would you feel then?


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