{The Nest Writes} Empowered.

There is a shit-tonne-load of hatred lately towards Kim Kardashian and her naked selfies. She says she feels empowered, everyone else says nu-uh girlfriend. I am really interested in what makes someone feel empowered. So I am going to channel my inner law student and break it down.

According to The Oxford Dictionary, Empower means to “make someone stronger and more confident”. On an individual level, empowerment allows someone to feel self-reliant, powerful and resilient. The crux however is how empowerment is interpreted differently for each individual person. Read that again, EACH. INDIVIDUAL. PERSON.

I am sure when you were a little pip-speak your mama explained the importance of individuality and being unique. So why now, as adults are we so concerned with placing our own expectations on others? Why does it bother so many people what one female is taking photos of and publishing to the web?

Here is my take.

Are you ready?

How about we back the fuck off?

I will be honest, I have a smidgeon bit of a soft spot with Kimmy and her fam-bam. Look, beside the fact they drive $450,000 Bentleys and likely have more staff than Oprah, they are still family. Even all publicity/storylines/marketing aside, this is a family that have survived death, relationship breakdowns, a transgender father and numerous personal attacks.

Whatever you think of Kim, she is, in her own way empowered. The entire Kardashian/Jenner clan have built an empire based on the way they look and their lifestyles. Obviously a desire exists from the wider world to see these images, otherwise how on earth could the family be able to afford extravagant homes, couture clothing, run successful television shows and numerous companies? kardashian

I am in no way justifying every single part of their behaviour, nor am I suggesting that you need to love them. I tolerate them. You should too.

Now, I am the mother of three little girls. I know the importance of good, strong female role models. I do not want them growing up and basing their entire value on the shape of their body, nor do I ever hope to see naked pictures of them in a public forum. NEVERTHELESS, if that is what my child wants to do then that is entirely her decision.

Each woman is entirely different. What feels wonderful for one female will not feel great for another. If KimK says it makes her feel empowered to stand starkers in front of a mirror, camera phone in hand and strike a pose to share with her nearest and dearest (at last count 72-odd million Instagram followers) then that is entirely her choice. If you don’t like it, here’s a tip, don’t fucking look.

If you want to feel empowered do something that makes YOU feel that way. If you like seeing yourself nude, do that. Perhaps more like me, you like simply sitting down and taking stock of your family life and realising how wonderful your life really is.

Maybe you feel stronger after the gym? Maybe getting out of the house wearing a bra and having brushed teeth before 9am empowers you. Maybe it is simply knowing you provide a safe, stable home for your family.

It will not help anyone if we continue to compare ourselves and place judgement on each other. The sisterhood should stick together and rather than bring each other down, we should be standing together and supporting one another.

You are not KimmyK and she is not you.

Empower yourself, but do not disempower others to do so.

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