{The Nest Reviews} The Stardust Big Top

On Friday night we were invited by Stardust Circus to stop by the big tent and check out the show.

It is family run affair and they do give you a good family night out. We were quite surprised that even the 10 month old baby-bird stayed awake way past her bedtime and clapped and cheered for the entire two hour show.

The circus was great because it is fabulous for kids and adults alike. Our girls loved the show, especially the horses and high flying trapeze! stardust2

We have to admit we had reservations before the show regarding the use of live animals, so we had a chat to the ringmaster himself and learnt a little more about the treatment of the animals. The Circus Industry is regulated by the State Government and they work in conjunction with not only Taronga Zoo but also the RSPCA to ensure the animals are always protected. Strict regulations have been created which include the size of cages that the animals can be held in, how long they can be transported and how often they are used in a show. The lions are accommodated in reverse-cycle temperature controlled trailers that are fully insulated and air-conditioned. All the animals have large outside areas for exercise and are stimulated daily by their trainers. All the animals are exposed to new smells and sights every few weeks as they move towns and locations. He also assured me that the animals are trained using positive reinforcement rather than punishment.

The lions even have a higher life expectancy in the circus as opposed to their wild counterparts. In the wild, lions survive for an average of 8 to 10 years, whereas circus lions can often survive for 25 to 30 years.

During the show it was clear there was a high level of respect between all the animals and their trainers. stardust

One of the highlights was the high flying trapeze show. The incredible skill and genuine guts that were needed were astounding. My kids (and husband alike!) were filled with ‘ooos’ and ‘aaaahs’ during the big tricks.

The staff were friendly and professional before the show and during intermission. We would definitely recommend taking your little birdies to the see Stardust Circus in action. Our kids LOVED this show!

The show will be in Bathurst until 20 March and you can find more information here -> Stardust Circus or call the team on 0418 247 287

Bathurst Show dates:

Wed 9th March 7pm
Thur 10th 7pm
Fri 11th 7pm
Sat 12th 4pm & 7pm
Sun 13th 11am & 2pm
Wed 16th 7pm
Thur 17th 7pm
Fri 18th 7pm
Sat 19th 4pm & 7pm
Sun 20th 11am ONLY

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