{Girl Crush Tuesday} Local Hero Veronica

We have some pretty hard girl crushes. These are the types of ladies that stamp their style on the world. They are the type of people that will always be remembered and little girls grow up wanting to be. They are women of substance. Women that make the world a better place. Happy Girl Crush Tuesday everybody.line4Today’s girl crush is a local one. We think she is brave and tough and a true survivor. Plus she is pretty damn awesome.

Veronica Manock was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma when she was only 20. You know that time in your life when most people are realing with hangovers from the night before and your biggest decision for the day was whether you would watch re-runs of Friends or Seinfield. Well, Veronica was fighting to keep her life.

After routinely having a mole removed she was given the grim news that the cancer had spread into her lymph nodes. She handled it like a boss.

The best thing we love about Veronica is that not only did she kick cancer’s arse she is now spreading the word to everyone that will listen (and pushing hard for those that don’t listen!) to pay attention to the sun.

She organises the Melanoma March walk in Bathurst, Ray Day and she was a driving force involved in the Pretty Shady Campain. She spreads the importance of the sun safe message every day. Veronica is a teacher and uses her position to spread the word to the youth that they will hopefully be the first generation to alleviate skin cancer.

You can read more about her experience here -> Catalogue Magazine ‘I never actively tanned but I still got skin cancer’.

Here’s to you V for using your horrible experience for the betterment of others. We salute you x


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