{The Nest Reviews} Get Your Pineapple Heads

We recently found these rocking hair products for the little humans in your life.

Pineapple Heads are an all natural, made in New Zealand children’s hair and bath care range and they are brilliant. pineapple heads

The Sleepyhead Bubble Bath is an absolute present from the gods of sleep. Put it this way, it is so good that I found myself making excuses to use it in my bath. Talk about relaxing!

The toddler-bird has a mop of dark hair and the Detangler sorted that situation quickly. The delicious scent almost made it worth drinking (Don’t though!).bubble bath

The range is for children from 10 months to 10 years, but we used it our the baby-bird and had no problems at all. The natural products just lovingly washed her sensitive skin and made bath times so much more enjoyable.

Another great feature was the gorgeous packaging. The white bottles with pops of delightful colour sat happily in our bathroom without interfering with the other decor. Just chic, smart and modern.

Do yourself a favour, go and grab your Pineapple Heads today.

All natural, all cool. Just good.


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