{The Nest Reviews} Geomags are magnificent

We recently received some of the fantastic Geomag Magnetic Construction toys and O, my giddy aunt did we have fun.

They are genius because not only do they teach construction, but also the intrigue of magnets. Our toddler-bird thought it was fabulous trying to touch the two negatives together!

It encouraged problem-solving, co-ordination and creative thinking and that is something we are definitely supportive of!

Geomag is produced in Switzerland to the most stringent international toy standards and are now thankfully available in Australia!geomag panels

While they are designed for the little birdies, we found that after the kids had gone to bed there was a whole new use for the toys! SPEED RACING.

Basically, you choose one design and your race each other to re-produce it in the shortest time possible! It was such a fun way to spend some quality time together.

Head to their website to find your closest stockists, you won’t regret it. You can find them here -> Geomag World geomag2

Make sure you add these to your Christmas list NOW!



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