{Raising Little People} Early Educator Day

Today is Early Educator’s Day and I want to say a massive thank you to the staff that look after my little birdies.

I believe that often early educators are not given the appreciation they deserve. These are the same people who care for your little ones when you can’t be there.

They soothe them when mummy isn’t around.

They teach them letters and numbers.

They wipe away tears.

They toilet train them.

They find bandaids for boo-boos.

They describe the changing seasons, they teach patience and explain to irrational 3 year olds why haircuts don’t hurt.

They are friendly faces, not only at kindy, but in the supermarket and at the park and during their time off.

They sing happy birthday and blow out candles.

They teach compassion and honesty.

They clean the snot and the poop and dirt.

They hug them.

They teach them to accept “You get what you get, you don’t get upset”

They watch them learn to walk.

They read stories and explore maps of the world with them.

They encourage the little ones to try new things.

They teach them friendship and sharing.

There is no job more important because they hold the littlest of hands.

They are shaping our future, one toddler at a time.

To all the girls that look after my little birdies. You really are incredible and I deeply grateful.thank you3Happy Early Educator’s Day!

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