{This is Life} Sometimes sisters are like blisters, irritating and annoying, but then there are other times..

I am lucky enough to have three sisters, I am the eldest and we are all within six years of each other.

What I found most remarkable about having sisters is the that you always have a person. That special someone that you can go to when your boyfriend is being dumb or when you can’t find the right outfit or when life is just really giving you lemons.

What makes me even more grateful about having sisters if that now I can look at my own little girls and realise what a gift my husband and I have given them. We gave them the gift of each other.sisters

So here are some of my favourite things about having sisters:


They know your dirty laundry (and probably contributed to some of it!) A sister is a friend who despite knowing your secrets will still be standing next to you regardless.

No topic is off limits with your sister. Everything from your latest crush, to your money dramas, to how much your hate the psycho lady at work.

You’re born with an automatic BFF and that’s pretty damn cool.


If you are the younger sister you have an in-built bodyguard. Big sisters are born with an innate need to protect the littler ones. Whether this be the school bully, the mean sales assistant or rude stranger, big sisters are genetically predisposed to defend. I tell you what, you pick on my little sister and I am likely to go all Kevin Costner in Bodyguard at you.



While there is no body on planet earth that you love stronger than your sister, she is also the same person that you will fight the hardest with. I am talking verbal stoushes, physical brawls and emotional blackmail.

The best thing about sisters is that they have to forgive you and you forgive them. Even if it isn’t straight away, you realise it isn’t worth it and channel your inner Elsa and ‘let it go’.


No one quite understands your family like a mutual player. Your mate from school ain’t going to understand Uncle Frank and his hairy mole humour or why Nan thinks it’s funny to put sugar in the salt bowl.

Your sister will. She has been there. She lived it with you.


Only your sister knows that you called up sick to work once so that you could continue to watch your Party of Five Marathon. Plus, she knows who your favourite Backstreet Boy was (and rarely uses it against you.. O Hi, Nick Carter!)sisters4


Your sister is the perfect companion to go places with. Especially awkward places. You can blackmail her to come and she will dutifully show up. No longer are you clumsily standing in the corner alone you have your person with you.

Plus, you know that night that everyone has, the one where you go out for one quiet drink and somehow end up inhaling exactly 47,000 too many tequila shots and now somehow find yourself hanging out in a pub toilet.. well you can call her and she will come and save your sorry arse. She will pull over to let you vom out the car door and will only use it against you occasionally for the rest of your life.

Sisters have got your back.


Considering she was there for most of your life experiences she is the one person who can fill in those bloody annoying blanks when you can’t remember a person’s name, or place you went or the full lyrics to Gangsta’s Paradise..


If you and your sister are lucky enough to be about the same size then all of a sudden you have doubled (or tripled) your wardrobe! This extends to shoes, handbags, sunglasses. Suddenly it seems completely okay to spend $565 on a handbag because, well you know, it will definitely get used!sisters2


No one will ever be as honest with you as your sister. “Yes your bum does look fat in that dress” and “Dude, you really need to work on those hairy caterpillars, erm I mean eyebrows”.

A sister will tell you the harsh truth and you won’t get too offended because you would be disappointed with any less. Plus, you do the same thing to her.


No one in this galaxy can make you laugh like your sister. She gets you. She gets your humour. Tears will flow and bellies will ache after giggle fits. If only every one realised how actually hilarious you both thought yourselves to be, then surely you would have your own comedy club!

sister 5

So if you are lucky enough to have a sister, why not give her a call and let her know how grateful you are to have her.

Much love Nesters x




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