{This is Life} The actual best metaphor ever for consent involves a cup of tea

I want you to do something important Nesters, stop what you are doing and read this.

Then, I want you to put it somewhere safe for when your sons and daughters are a little bit older and read it to them.

I want you to share it with your friends, family and workmates.

It is an important message regarding a cup of tea.

It is more than that, it is the best metaphor ever for consent.


This is a simple explanation for something that really should not be that hard to understand.

Here is an extract:

Consent. It’s a powerful word that, for some bizarre reason, is still argued about to this day. It seems many people still don’t really get what “consent” means.

If you’re still struggling, just imagine instead of initiating sex, you’re making them a cup of tea…

If you say, “Hey, would you like a cup of tea?” and they um and ahh and say, “I’m not really sure…” then you can make them a cup of tea or not, but be aware that they might not drink it, and if they don’t drink it then — this is the important bit — don’t make them drink it. You can’t blame them for you going to the effort of making the tea on the off chance they wanted it; you just have to deal with them not drinking it. Just because you made it doesn’t mean you are entitled to watch them drink it.

It goes on to talk about drinking tea when you are unconscious or in circumstances where you you drank tea last week and don’t want tea again this week.

I deadest salute the person who created this metaphor.

Spread it wide my friends.

You can find the full version here -> best metaphor ever for consent


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