{Locally Found} Pete Evans and his Paleo tour are coming to Orange

Unless you have been living under a very dark, heavy rock you will have heard something about the Paleo diet.

Basically, paleo is a way of eating that avoids foods like dairy products, grains, legumes, processed oils and refined sugar and focuses more on lean protein, fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables and minimal carbohydrates.  

Australian chef Pete Evans is a leading campaigner for the diet and has been one of its most vocal supporters.

Pete says his aim is to educate people and help them embrace a happier and healthier way of life by better food and lifestyle choices.

He is running a “Learn To Cook the Paleo Way Tour” around Australia at the moment and will be visiting our little ORANGE Tuesday 10 February 2015. paleo tour

There will be special guests, including the very knowledgeable Luke Hines (who you will remember as the handsome and very fit blonde from My Kitchen Rules) who will teach the audience how to prepare paleo meals for the whole family.

I am told it will be a non-stop cooking frenzy.

I, personally am very interested to have a listen to what ‘all the talk’ is about. Yes, there have been critics but how is this diet basically the most popular in the world? Also, if you are a regular reader of the blog, you will know how much I LOVE TO SUPPORT LOCAL and paleo utilises fresh, local ingredients so that definitely excites me. 

If you want to come and be my buddy you can grab tickets from Earth Events

One of the benefits of getting tickets to this tour is that you will also gain free entry to the new and shiny 10 week online health program. Hello BARGAIN! free week

If you want any more information on Pete Evans and the Paleo Way then check out his website here -> PeteEvans.com.au

Hope to see you there Nesters x

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