{The Nest Fashion} One model – 10 different jeans

So everyone knows some days are fat days and some days are well, less fat days.

But have you noticed that sometimes you go into a store and you are a size 16, then you go into the next store and the 16 doesn’t even do up? Then you go next door and all of a sudden the size 16 is swimming on you?

Figuring out what size you really are is not so easily done.

One fantastically interesting fashion blogger has played out the ultimate test to determine just how different sizing can be in the fashion industry.

You can find her article here -> One model tries on 10 different jeansjeansc

The extreme difference in sizing is ridiculous!

Do numbers really matter?

Do you experience this problem as well?

2 thoughts on “{The Nest Fashion} One model – 10 different jeans

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