{Raising little People} Swaddle me up

Sometimes newborns represent something closer to bread-loaf-sized-screeching-hurricanes rather than actual tiny little humans. Plus, you add onto that, the unsettled nights and completely irrational sleep patterns and all of a sudden you are headed straight down the track of sleepless nights and frazzled mama and papa bears.

Swaddling is an easy solution that gives many tiny humans the comfort they need to encourage a more restful and better night’s sleep (which in turn benefits the whole family!)

Here are some fantastic swaddling solutions for all the bread loaves in your life:

1. The Love to Dream Wrap Me Up 

swaddle up

The Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original is a fantastic product that assists your little one to find comfort while being swaddled. Available for $39.95, the genius of this product is that, unlike many similar products it allows your baby to place their arms above their head into their natural position. Plus, as your baby grows it will allows them to have access to their hands, which relaxes many little ones.

We used this for our little birdies and it was by FAR the BEST thing we ever purchased. A perfect sleep trigger for them.

2. The Woombie Swaddle


Next are the fantastic Woombie swaddles. Available for $39.95 they offer your most precious cargo safe and comfortable protection during their slumber, they allow your little person to move slightly while offering protection from blankets falling onto their face. The Woombie are known for not restricting hip movement and maintaining airflow for comfort of your tiny human all year round.

3. The ErgoPouch Aircocoon 

ergo 2

The Aircocoon swaddle from ErgoPouch is a brilliantly light baby swaddle that will allow even the hottest little birdie to sleep peacefully this summer. Made from super soft, natural and breathable bamboo it keeps your little person safe and comfortable, ensuring the greatest chance at peaceful sleep. These little beauties are only $29.95 and available in a range of fashionable colours.

4. Target Baby Studio Swaddle

target swaddle

Target has jumped on the swaddle band-wagon and is offering an affordable alternative to some of the more expensive options. They baby studio swaddle offers a simple, one-action zipper that are an ease to wrap and offers a secure wrap for your little person. As they are made from a cotton/elastane blend it allows some range of movement while still assisting baby to feel cosy. Available for $25.

5. Sleep Wings

sleepy wings

For something just a little bit different, Sleep Wings offer an infant slumber wear jacket, that will provide the sensation of being swaddled, without all the other layers. Restricting your little person’s arms stops the night time face scratches, minimises the chances of your baby startling awake and prevents arm chills. Definitely a contender for the hot little babies who overheat easily. Available for $29.95

Happy swaddling Nesters x

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