{Infant loss} One brave story is shared

Please take a moment to think of the 1 in 4 people who have lost their little ones early. It’s not just a statistic, it affects someone you know. A father, a brother, a sister, especially a mother.

One brave Nester family recently shared their story with us.

Thank you for being strong enough to share your loss.


Dear the little babe that we never got to meet,

You came to us quickly, but were torn away hastily.

Sweetheart, words will never be able to express the love we hold for you. We didn’t get to meet you, but you will still be a part of our aching souls for eternity.

We ask the question, over and over again. Why. Why darling did you leave us?

Why did you not fight harder?

Did we not fight enough for you?

Did mummy and daddy let you down?

The guilt is strong. The pain is raw.   

We think of you today. We think of you every single day. How old would you be? Would you be like your daddy?

We watch your brothers and sisters grow and become little versions of ourselves. You won’t get to see that, and we won’t get to see you be a part of them. They are too little to remember, but we will think of you often.

Losing you was singlehandedly the worst pain we have ever experienced. Our hopes. Our dreams. Our loss.

We will never be able to cradle you in our warm arms, to comfort you, to breathe you, to embrace you. We will never see you walk or smile or laugh. We wonder what your laugh would sound like. We ache in that dream of the unknown for you.

With all of our very heavy hearts, we know that if love was enough to keep you here, you never would have been able to leave. Babe you are so loved, and missed.  

You taught us lessons though, we learnt that we are braver than we feel, stronger than we know and most importantly capable of survival.

We will continue to think of you often. A part of us, taken away too soon.

We are different now, but stronger maybe.

You will not be forgotten little one. You will live on in our pained hearts for always.

We are heartbroken, but strong. Stronger together because of you.

We remember you today and we will remember you tomorrow. For our little babe you will always be.



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