{The Nest 101} The ultimate cheat-sheet on designer names..

So, this one time I was standing at the cosmetics counter at David Jones (please note: if you are the hubby-bird reading this I was probably not spending money) and this lovely young chap approached the counter. He pulled a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket and asked one of the glamorous beauty assistants for some “Ivys saints laurennt” for his girlfriend. After a slight giggle and smirk the assistant proceeded to ask if he meant “Yves Saint Laurent”.

Yes he did.

It made me wonder how many times, poor unsuspecting boys were sent to fashionable beauty counters with tiny pieces of paper in their pockets that were scrawled with unusual gift ideas that concerned certain designer brands.

Then I found this marvellous  ‘designer brands for dummies’ or well actually its called ‘How to pronounce designer names 101

To all the boys who ever thought Miu Miu was the same sound a cow made, this list is for you.


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