{The Nest Beauty} Beautiful Glow and your beauty questions

Here at The Central Nest we love all things beauty, so words cannot explain how excited we are to welcome on board our very own beauty insiders!

The gorgeous girls at Beautiful Glow Bathurst always aim to provide their clients with great service, in a relaxed environment that any one can feel comfortable in. Having been opened now for over 4 years they are one of the frontrunners in the local beauty business.

beautiful glow

Plus, because they are completely lovely they have agreed to answer all of your beauty related questions!

Q: Do you know any ways to stop cold sores? Or at least help minimise them? Or hide them!

This is a tough one because no one likes cold sores! In our experience we find that when Lysine tablets are used on a daily basis it can help prevent cold sores. Even when the first tingling sensation starts  Lysine tablets can help to prevent the sores from coming up and properly forming.

Q: Why should I use Toner?

Toners can be used in all different ways, generally however toners are used as an added hydration to the skin when placed under a good moisturiser. Toners can also be sprayed over the skin (and over makeup) throughout the day to rehydrate and protect skin.

Q: What are the best products to minimise dark circles under the eyes?

Dark circles are really tricky to try and fix. The best way is to use an eyecream, Dermalogica offer an amazing eyecream for dark circles called ‘Total Eye Care’. It has optical light diffusers to help conceal the dark circles. In addition, using a concealer around the eyes also can make a massive difference in masking the darkness.

Q: How long before an event should I get a spray tan?

Before an upcoming event we always recommend getting a spray tan either 1 or 2 days prior. Spray tans have come along way since they first started and look so much more natural now. After getting a spray tan it is really important to moisturise your skin to keep the tan looking its best.

Q: What is the best way to protect my skin now the weather is cooling down?

With the change of season we are finding a lot of changes in our client’s skin. Drinking water can really help to rehydrate the skin and stepping up to a more hydrating moisturiser also makes a difference. We recommend you get a facial at the start of the cooler months so we can have a close look at the skin and help to treat it the best way possible. Exfoliating is also very important for our skin. By removing the dead skin cells it allows our serums and moisturisers to penetrate deeper.

We hope that helps! We would love to hear from all Nesters regarding their beauty questions! If you have any questions just email centralwestnest@outlook.com

Happy health and beauty x

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