{Do This} Wrap some watermelon around it..

There are two types of present-giver people in the world (according to my completely fabricated and unsupported scientific survey).

The first being, the smack-a-tenner-in-an-envelope-and-write-their-name-in-lipstick-because-you-can’t-find-a-pen-in-the-bottom-of-your-handbag type of person and secondly the Martha-Stewart-planned-for-months-and-wrapped-beautifully-even-know-where-the-reciept-is-in-case-they-need-to-exchange type of giver.

While embarrassingly I more often fall towards the first option I strive for more Martha Stewart type moments.

Here is a simple(ish) way to make your own wrapping paper. Cute right!?watermelonpaper7

You could even get the little-birdies involved.

You can find the full how-to here -> Watermelon Wrapping Paper

Admittedly, it is a nice touch to put that little bit more effort in.. Maybe keep it in mind for a rainy school holidays day?

Let us know how you go!


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