{This Is Life} I wasn’t a very good mother today..

My darling child,

I wasn’t a very good mum today.

I sit here listening to you sleep, realising that I have failed you today.

I failed the most important person in my life.

I had too many errands to run, too many other jobs.

The day started abruptly as you didn’t sleep very well. I rolled exhausted and reluctantly from bed.

All day I provided for you. You were fed and bathed. You were clean and full. You were kept from danger.

But, I still let you down.

Today, I hurried away our time together. I rushed through it all.

I hassled you past the friendly old lady with the fluffy, white puppy.

I insisted you rush your lunch.

I thundered at you to stop playing in puddles.

I was terribly impatient and collected the mail myself, even though I know you do it every other day.

I was short tempted and cranky.

I wasted today.

I am sorry I didn’t smile at you enough.

I wish I could have today again. I really, truly do.

I promise I would not rush our routine of applying talcum powder on your freshly cleaned body. I would instead absorb your giggle as I dried between your tiny toes.

I would let you pat the beautiful puppy without hurrying you along.

I would sing twinkle, twinkle just one more time.

I would start today over, and do it all again.

I will never have this day again and I am sorry. Sorry I rushed you. Sorry I hurried you. Sorry I wasted this one special day of your life.

My darling, I can only offer lousy excuses, and the promise that tomorrow will be better, as it is a whole new day.

With eternal love and affection,

Your mummy x

anni sleeping

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