{Christmas Prizeapolooza Update} The gorgeous Jaime and her Integrity Health

Just before Christmas we had our first ever Christmas Prizeapolooza. This was a fabulous success and we will never be able to thank the many local businesses that jumped on board and helped us celebrate the festive season by giving away loads of brilliant and generous gifts to some very lucky Nesters.

One such winner was the gorgeous Jaime Davis Morgan.

Photo credit: The very clever Katie Peters Photography

Photo: The very clever Katie Peters Photography

Jaime won the Integrity Health and Wellbeing prize pak valued at over $300.00 and she says it simply changed her life.

Here is what Jaime says about the win:

“Hello, being on the Isagenix has changed my life! I’ve lost weight and cm and feel so much better than I did before! More focused, more energy, my taste buds have completely changed too – I used to be a chocoholic lol but now can stay away from it! No longer do I get those 3pm sugar cravings either. All round it’s been a great experience and Angela and her team has been a wonderful support. I’m currently doing the maintenance program, in my second month and can’t see myself ceasing it anytime soon. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a great prize!!”

We love hearing from very happy Nesters and are so glad that Jaime won this prize.

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