{The Nest Beauty} Good hair in two minutes, while balancing a hangry wilderbeast? Pfffft!

Picture this, it is 8.43am Friday morning and I am standing in a towel, feeding weetbix to a hangry one year old wilderbeast while applying eyeliner and explaining to an exceptionally, curious three year old why we shouldn’t feed the cat tic-tacs (even if they are the orange ones) when I realise my hair looks like a swan’s armpit.

So, like any perfectly reasonable 30 year old I ask ye ol’ mate Google how to resolve this irritating situation. Thank baby hey-zeus for DIY photo-boards.

Here is my latest saviour – the 2-minute low braided bun. It works a treat. Makes you look all smart and clever and modern and shit.

Source: Shesteals.com

Source: Shesteals.com

You’re welcome.

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