{Learning} We can teach you something, well, actually, maybe its just not cricket..

Sometimes in life you find something that just makes sense. Well, actually kind-of-sense.

Like, the sense that when you are at a dinner party and someone starts talking about a particular subject you can finally join in without having to:

a) make an exit to the bathroom;


b) pretend to be interested when in fact you would prefer to stab yourself in the eye with a fork for fun;


c) nodding like a yoyo while actually having no understanding of the garble they are speaking of. cricket

The abovementioned reactions are me.. and cricket.

Look, I know it’s the Australian sport. I am meant to like it. I just don’t want to get it. howzat

Anyway the clever folk at Buzzfeed have thrown together an explanation of cricket that even I get. It kinda makes sense now. Plus, it is funny and makes me see men with bats as superheroes.

Here is the link -> ‘Cricket explained by an american who has never seen cricket’ (Catchy title right!?).

Well, what’s the worse that is going to happen – you might actually surprise the hubby with your new found awesome cricket knowledge?

Happy cricket watching Nesters!

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