ICandy pram review

Today’s review is with the beautiful Danielle who gives us her review of the ICandy.

Danielle and her beautiful family

Danielle and her beautiful family


We are a family of five, with myself, my husband & our three children. We have 2&1/2 year old twins, a girl Matilda, and a boy Sam. We also have a four month old baby girl, Georgie.

We like to be busy & get out & about, so really needed a good sturdy pram which would hold to some wear & tear.

The Pram:

The I Candy. It’s a British product & has multiple combinations that can be purchased separately.

Why the ICandy?:

I have had the pram for just over 2 & 1/2 years before the twins were born. There were a few things which I wanted/needed in a pram & luckily this one had all of these.

The biggest issue I had was that I needed a twin pram which could take two newborns. A lot of twin prams out there aren’t suitable for two newborns, only a newborn & toddler. Plus it needed to accommodate the twins from babies to toddlers.The ICandy

I also knew I wanted a long skinny pram, rather than side by side so I could fit into places, especially door ways much easier.

Also, I needed a pram which would also convert into a single pram, so either myself or a family member could use it again.

It had to be easy to fold and not too bulky.

Also, I wanted something that was not only functional but also a little bit funky looking!

Additional attachments:

I don’t really have any additional attachments but we did purchase what they called a “flavour” which is basically a coloured hood & seat cover. This gave the pram a different look, whilst also having the option of the standard black as well. There are many other attachments which can be purchased.

Favourite feature of the ICandy:

My favourite thing about the pram is the genius design of making it a twin pram & then removing one brace & it become a single pram. I hadn’t seen anything like it in my searching prior to having the twins & then spotted it at a trip to the baby expo (this was the only good thing about that expo though, lets just say it was a very long day!!!)

Least favourite feature:

My least favourite thing about the pram is that it’s a little on the heavy side, but most prams are, especially twin prams.

icandy carrycot

Is it easy to fold?:

It is quite easy to fold (it did take quite a while to figure it out the first time!), the actual seats/pods come apart from the frame first & then the base folds up on its own.

Would you recommend this pram?:

I would highly recommend this pram, especially for twins, it has been great. Even for single babies, there are so many options within the ICandy range. As an extra benefit they are also compatible with the Safe & Sound capsules for one baby.


The pram was rather expensive, but when you’re having twins everything is doubled! So we bit the bullet to get something which would last & do the job. It was around $1,300.00


Thanks Danielle! You definitely are a superstar having three babies under three!

If you would like any further information regarding the ICandy prams check out their website www.ICandyworld.com/au

4 thoughts on “ICandy pram review

  1. Hi Danielle,

    Just wondering if you used your iCandy for all 3 children at once?

    We are the opposite to you and have a toddler and newborn twins but are having so much trouble locating a toddler seat/board compatible with our newly purchased icandy.


    • Hi Kylie, sorry for my late reply. I haven’t used the pram for all three, basically because my twins were really to big at the time to push around with a newborn also! If you can find a skateboard type of thing, that would be the best option with only one toddler. I don’t think I would attempt (trust!) two toddlers on a skateboard contraption!! The other suggestion would be one of those child restraint that you can strap to them & you can hold or attach to the pram. I don’t particularly like them, but it’s about safety not what it looks like! Best of luck, hope you are able to figure something out 🙂

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