Cute kids dressed as funny things. Yep Halloween is nearly here.


Admittedly, we are not really the Halloween embracing kind of nest, but each year we are noticing that our neighbourhood is slowly filling with loud knocks and squeals of ‘trick-or-treat’.

On top of that I have a toddler-bird who rarely exits the house without some type of fancy-dress attire so when I see bloody awesome costumes I get a wee bit excited. babyology

The very clever, modern hipsters at Babyology have put together some BRILLIANT ideas for DIY Halloween Costumes (or if you are a certain toddler-bird some new ‘happy-grocery-shopping-Tuesday-outfits’.

Plus, they also throw in some great links for some cool places to buy costumes if you are a little like me and your creative talent extends no further than making a jam sandwich, (sometimes I live life on the edge and cut it diagonally though!?)

babyology halloween

Happy fancy-dressing Nesters!

One thought on “Cute kids dressed as funny things. Yep Halloween is nearly here.

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