We did get a bit cray-cray in the shop-shops

Today was crazy. Not just normal crazy but actual crazy. If you are a local I am sure you have experienced ‘Crazy Day’. A day when most of the businesses in town let down their hair, find their inner pirate (well today is international speak like a pirate day) and cut prices on many, many items.


As much as I would not like to admit it, I believe that Tony Abbot might forward my mumma-bear and I an award for single handily kick-starting the economy. No stimulus packages needed in these parts. Just give the two of us a credit-card, some comfortable flats and irresistible prices. Plus add my two sisters and the recession is a gonski. See who said the economy couldn’t be saved? What will also be of concern to my hubby-bird is that toddler-bird wanted to continue shopping rather than go for a play at the park. I see my little minion developing her brilliant shopping skills just like her mama-bird.

We did grab some great specials:

Cheekii Kidz Bathurst had 60% off clothing

Sportspower Bathurst had speedo wetsuits for $20.00!

Target Bathurst had buy one pillow get another for $1.00.

Eves Boutique Bathurst had formal dresses for $40.00 and

Stocklands Bathurst gave out free balloons to all the baby-birds!

Plus many other sales!

Now just to save for the next crazy day..

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