Reading + Christmas = our two favourite things

Sometimes in your numerous hours of pointless internet browsing (if you are however speaking with hubby-bird I would appreciate if we all told him I was busily ‘studying’ for my upcoming exams) you stumble across a brilliant idea. An idea whereby you wonder how you did not think of it yourself. An idea which you are sure will become a tradition in your family for generations to come.

Elle Keeps Moving has got that idea.

Every Christmas you wrap 25 books under the tree and from the start of December, each night you unwrap one to read as family. What a simply beautiful concept.

Happy Christmas Nesters x

25 books, 25 days

25 books, 25 days

3 thoughts on “Reading + Christmas = our two favourite things

  1. We do that 🙂 It’s a gorgeous tradition! We also wrap the Night Before Christmas in some sort of stand out sparkly paper and leave it for Christmas eve to read as my Dad has always done for me.

  2. I just pinned this idea on Pinterest the other week too! I love me a good tradition. Every Christmas a friend of mine gives our little man the same present- a box with a new pair of pjs, a Christmas DVD & popcorn, all to be enjoyed on Christmas Eve- love it!

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