The Button Jar is where memories are made..

The button jar

Creative people just astound me. In our little Nest we call it creative if we cut a sandwich diagonally instead of straight across. Laura Brace at The Button Jar is not only creative but has turned her skills into a full-time business! Here we talk to her about stationary, being a work from home mum and her tree-change.

Hi Laura, please tell us a little about yourself:

I am a 29 year old mother to two very vibrant boys, Aiden is 4 and Lachlan is 2. I have been married to my wonderful husband, Adam for 5 years and whilst originally from Bathurst it was a tree-change after having our boys that bought us back to the Central West.

The wonderfully creative Laura from The Button Jar

The wonderfully creative Laura from The Button Jar

Tell us about the Button Jar:

The Button Jar was created in 2008 as a result of my love of creativity and stationary. I completed a Bachelor of Business (Human Resources and Industrial Relations) but decided that a corporate path was just not for me. I wanted to be creative and spend my time doing something I loved. A friend introduced me to card making and scrapbooking and I was hooked!

The business started slowly, it was never my intention to be self-employed, particularly in a creative industry, but after making Christmas cards for my family and friends they started asking me to make cards for them to pass along. Slowly, the recipients of the cards starting placing orders as well, and The Button Jar were created! Word of mouth has been my biggest marketing tool!

Whilst the business started in 2008 it wasn’t until after the birth of my sons and our return to Bathurst that I was able to turn it into a full-time business.

What does the Button Jar sell?

The Button Jar makes and sells handmade greeting cards, invitations, announcement cards and giftware, as well as bespoke event stationary. We also run monthly card making classes.

What is the price range of your products? 

Our generic greeting cards are priced between $4.00 – $6.00 each, with our personalised cards starting at $5.00 depending on the customer’s specific request.

What is your favourite thing about The Button Jar?

I definitely love that I am creating a keepsake for some of the most memorable times in a person’s life. A wedding invitation, birth announcement or graduation card may be kept forever.

I love when I hear from happy customers, especially when they tell me that the end result is just what they had pictured or even better.

I really enjoy being able to create a card, that truly reflects the recipient. Knowing that someone has taken the time to consider what you actually like, something that reflects your personality and individual tastes, rather than just randomly selected a mass produced card, is really special to me.

I also love seeing families grow and change. It is very rewarding to make wedding invitations for a couple, only to have them return a year or so later requesting birth announcement cards.

Plus, the flexibility of working from home and being available for my family is amazing.

What is your least favourite thing about being in business?

Absolutely the paperwork! I would definitely prefer to spend my time being creative but unfortunately keeping up-to-date with the administrative side of the business is my least favourite part!

Tell us, where can we find The Button Jar?

You can find The Button Jar:


We will be at the Bathurst Artisan Markets in Keppel Street on 14 September 2013 and at the Bathurst Biggest Expo at the Bathurst Showground on 16 and 17 November 2013.

WIN: To celebrate The Button Jar spreading its wings further in the Central West ,Laura is giving away a box of 10 cards to a very lucky winner – Head over to our Facebook page to find out more! 

Some of the beautiful cards from The Button Jar 1. 'Little pink toes' 2. 'Love from home' 3. 'Neighbourhood'

Some of the beautiful cards from The Button Jar
1. ‘Little pink toes’
2. ‘Love from home’
3. ‘Neighbourhood’

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  2. I’m organizing our school fete 8th nov. I’d like to talk to about that if your interested. It sounds like your business would compliment what were wanting to offer. Love to hear from you. Michelle

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