Pull up your chair and check out Fred Flare

I love funny stuff. Just crazy, need-to-buy-it-for-no-good-reason-will-probably-never-use-it stuff.

I have now found my useless stuff nirvana. Let me introduce you to fredflare.com. With shipping available to Australia you will never be left wondering what to get your secret santa/mother-in-law/boss/sister’s gold fish/son’s teacher/lonely guy at bus-stop. You’re welcome!

Fred flare


1. You can rock out in these pimpin’ Kaleidoscope Sunglasses for $12.00

2. YRU Clutch Animal Print hidden wedges (you know you have always needed hidden wedge animal print shoes) $29.99

3. Fabulous Hot dog bag for $26.00

4. Kiel Mead Forget Me Knot ring is yours for $54.00.




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