Hop Shop Go

Hop Shop Go!




I don’t admit this often (hopefully my husband isn’t too close) but I have a little problem. Just a tiny little vice. I am a little A LOT addicted to online shopping.

I love being able to purchase items and have them shipped directly to me at home. You get the thrill of the original purchase, plus the benefit of the postman delivering your wonderful new pieces. I am desperately in love with Australian made, but I do have a soft spot for a lot of brands only available overseas, particularly America. Enter HOP-SHOP-GO.

Hop Shop Go provides you with a domestic American address so that when you purchase from a company that does not ship directly to Australia you can forward it there first. Hop Shop Go then forwards your items onto you for a small fee. Another benefit is that if you buy numerous items from different retailers you can choose to have your items repacked to save on shipping.

Even if you don’t use it open, it is great to keep in your favourites just in case.

WARNING: Learning about Hop Shop Go is not good for reformed shopaholics. Now, please Excuse me while I go and negotiate with the husband for just one more pair of Prada sunglasses..

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