I believe that ‘Believe bootcamps’ kicked my butt

Believe bootcamps Bathurst

believe bootcamp

Last night I attended my first ever boot camp. I won’t lie, I was nervous. I had been trying to organise to go (read: procrastinating) for weeks, maybe even months.

I am not even sure why I was so nervous. Probably because I am far from the fittest kid around. Or maybe because my everyday coordination is only matched by a beached whale trying to roll over.

One of my good friends had been attending for a couple of weeks and slowly her text messages wore me down and I agreed to go. So I did what all loving sisters do and made my little sister come and be tortured with me.

Nervously we arrived, not even sure we were in the right place and made our way over to the group. I think it is always easy to feel intimidated going into new environments, especially a workout environment where you could (and in my case usually are) be the most uncoordinated person there. You think I kid, but I was once at the gym and managed to get my pants stuck around the cross-trainer pedal. I am sure you can imagine what happened next. Anyway..

Upon arrival we were welcomed, paid our $10.00 and followed everyone around like lost puppies. The best thing about Believe bootcamp was that they were happy to look after and help the lost, uncoordinated puppies.

Between a mixture of cardio and strength training were words of encouragement and laughter. It was one of the more enjoyable exercise experiences of my life. The staff were friendly, they gave one-on-one training when it was needed and were generally welcoming.

Even though it feels like I will never walk properly again, (even my eyebrows are hurting today) I will sign up again next week.

I would recommend to anyone out there who has been thinking about going to bite the bullet and jump on board. Grab a partner and give it a go. Even if you go once, you are still doing laps around anyone sitting at home on the lounge.

You can find ‘Believe Bootcamps Bathurst’ on facebook or call on 0421275017

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